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Opinions of Saturday, 6 April 2013

Columnist: Gunu, Vigilante

Open Letter To The Justices Of The Supreme Court Of Ghana

Your Lordships, in not more than 3 months, you will be called to give judgment on the presidential election petition before you, which is currently the talk of almost every citizen of our dear nation. My decision to write to you is informed by the outcome of the court sitting on the 2nd of April, 2013, where the hearing of the substantive case was scheduled to start on the 16th of April, 2013.

I am very sure that, you need not to be reminded that this case epitomizes the scramble for the soul of this nation. Ever since the institutionalisation of self rule and rule of law in Ghana our dear nation has found herself at cross-roads and indeed its destiny is to be decided by few sons and daughter (JUDGES). Our citizens are anxious and curious to know the outcome of the petition before you, which is delicate and very emotive and I believe in your professional competence, experience and expertise even though nobody will like to be in your shoes, not even those who previously will do anything to be where you are today.

Expectations on you (The Judges) by partisan and ethno-nationalists do not make your work easier. But their outbursts, threats and labels are only awakening you to a challenge to stand up for Ghana at her hour of greatest need. Ghana and the whole world have their eyes on you. You can risk taking partisan and ethnic positions prior to hearing and deciding on the case. Or you can deliver a ruling which is consistent with the evidence laid before you.

Either way you go, you will offend some people and please others. You will be called names and be deserted by people you work with, pray with and even people you share blood relations with. Your selfless service will be questioned or brought to disrepute and very frivolous labels pinned on you. But is this too much a price to pay for the sustainability of the democracy under which we all enjoy so many privileges?

Distinguished judges, remember some of the questions that you will be asking yourself after giving the ruling, whether you are proud working for Ghana or an ethnic group or political party? And in fact whether you are a statesman or among a few ethnocentric dishonest citizens who have found their way to the high places of our dear nation.

Your Lordships, this is a call to defend freedom and you should not jeopardise the future of this nation by exercising sentiments, fear and dancing to the tune of the court of public opinion in the delivery of justice. In times like this, where every Tom Dick and Harry looks up to you for hope, you only have to show due diligence and do what is necessary to protect the interest and will of Ghanaians. This, I ask from our honourable judges and may God guide their judgement and bless our homeland, Ghana.


Consent Citizen



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