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Opinions of Monday, 23 March 2020

Columnist: King Solomon

The late resolutions on coronavirus

What is wrong yesterday will still be wrong today and in the future. I don't seem to be a a political scavenger and a tone in the flesh of any political party.

But I do believe that the right thing must be done at the right time. On this note, I assent to one of the modern great philosopher's speeches and I quote "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" Meaning if something bad is happening either local or international and you act unconcern it will definitely get to your doorsteps. I have mentioned in many platforms of which I was granted an interview that, our preparedness towards preventing the spread and subsequent curb of this COVID19 infectious disease is far below the waves of the storm. Our government has actually turned to be a judge in his own course which has actually biased his integrity ageing to the piecemeal development to preventing COVID19.

Indeed we have close all boarders within our geographical space (air, sea, and land) as at 12midnight on Sunday 22nd March 2020. The untouched question is what prevented us from doing this in the short run. Most of our neighboring countries and the superpowers in the world have close their boarders long ago. So why the delay! Why should the government play diplomacy in the midst crisis or emergency situations? All these while our borders were welcoming people with this infectious COVID19 into our virgin land. Again, our pace for securing isolation centres is not encouraging and development on that must leapfrog as urgency demands. Ghana is a middle-income country and our resources in many cases can't sustain our demands- this was the reason for the closure of boarders to prevent unnecessary cry for money to sustain us as a nation.

Moreover, why couldn't the government and the ministry of foreign affairs requested health certification from a person's entering to ensure that, the immigrants has no infections of coronavirus. In addition, the country can also further do its own check to validate the certification and approval before entry. We are not blind to lead ourselves into the deep pit, so why can't our leaders look up to other countries and learn from them. One could challenge and say with authority that the environmental variables differ from country to country but same person should also know that, he who wants to succeed must learn from the past in other to seal loopholes such as this recurring disease.

What called for the discrepancy of the said $100m to preventing the spread of COVID19 among government officials?Yet to know this government is full of hypocrisy to some extent. I quite remember i said by our third address to the nation the cases will increase and more importantly probability of others been infected will extremely be high. We are now calling for stakeholder engagement and consultation whiles we know the best thing to do but due to ill lackadaisical attitudes, greediness, malignant selfishness and ignorance coupled with deadly and rusted partisan roots we politicised every action of well-meaning Ghanaians.

I agree on an increasing percentage to the president's directives to fumigate market places in Accra on Monday. That's really a good idea. But why not a nationwide test first then we can isolate the infected patients, making sure they have really recovered to prevent further infections to others. My agric teacher taught me how to prevent disease outbreak among livestock and other farm animals. What shows that this market woman are all safe? Some of which has been affected by the COVID19 will infect others in the market after the said exercise on monday. In the actual scene the disease is no respecter of person just like the rule of law.The bourgeoisie, proletariat, children and elderly are dying as the clock rotates each day.

Having mentioned that, should we sing hallelujah praise and dance because we have bibles and quaran! absolutely no. In fact, we cant put on smiling faces and pockets gently like we going for dinner. We need to back our actions with prayers seeking the intervention of God in a perilous nature of this kind. Prayer answered all thing's but before one sees the sign of a rainbow it means a great work accompanied by prayers has been fulfilled.

Whether you politicised this article or not latest by Tuesday we will find ourselves in passenger buses so lets get serious as a nation and that, will only be achieved when we call on the government to work more effectively than previously. I, therefore, called on government, religious leaders and major stakeholders both local and foreign to help as we fight COVID19- the single soldier killing battalions. Ghana is my country, your country, and our country.The good Lord will see us through selah! #KingSolomon

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