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Opinions of Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Columnist: Ampah, Sika Yena

The larger picture in the country and the reasons behind current pace

NPP are frustrated due to multiple reasons, amongst which some are shaped undeniably by the loony Danquah-Busia ideology and some people themselves are responsible for. They are truly pathological both in their psychological traits and behaviour. Are they actually capable of thinking logically any more? Let me explain where I am coming from. Everyone knows perfectly well that NPP government has bankrupted the country, for generations to come, with its wasteful policies and mass looting.

It was thought that people get frustrated because of their financial, natural and social status but later on it was demonstrated that not mere these dynamics reckon but also so many other, which could be supplemented to it, it is not essential that only those people would be deemed as frustrated who are not satisfied or are not equipped with their desired posts but also those who have looted everything in the country but don’t posses satisfaction of their soul. Why?

Everywhere in the country there is rivalry between them to be dominant, to gain power, to maintain inflated status, to earn more money, to accomplish their ravenous greed of wishes which is ceaseless, silver-tongued, have an extreme verbal facility and can outwit anybody in verbal conflict. No wonder the OSONO is in such a dreadful mess, these greedy politicians really don't give a hoot, they were paid to represent us and all they do is to fleece us. Their chief and kings are also compatible with the system because their Modus operandi is consistent to the system created by their 'otofuo' dishonest leaders. I think its time these slimy money grabbing perverts, selfish, self-centred, self-opinionated, dogmatic and thoughtless and with a tendency to pontificate to be locked at Nsawam. These 'vampires' displayed arrogance, audacity, a superior sense of entitlement and sense of invulnerability and untouchability with their deep-seated contempt of anyone not in their world.

All they need is just honesty to themselves and to others, it is said that after faith, honesty is highest human virtue. One doesn’t expect to raise the walls of progress on the foundation of dishonesty. Men and women owe their characters to honesty. It is their action which live after them and become a part of the long record of history. A quite conscience sleeps even in thunder, to make sacrifices for the sake of nation, to give the country a respectful place in the comity of nations, to realize our founder's dream; all these deeds demand the working of honest minds. An honest person would always subordinate his personal interests to that of his nation.

Danquah-Busia Looting Brigade since its inception has always been a play thing in the hands of dishonest politicians side by side with their dishonest government, who endangered even its entity through fraud and deception, the dishonest are elevated to high offices, decorated themselves with 'bling bling' medals while the honest are laughed to scorn, brutalized, terrorized and asked to 'proceed on leave'. There is no doubt that NPP Looting brigade is a fact, as everybody who lives in Ghana can see with plain eyes.

NPP is confronted with multiple, social, economic and political problems, which are the direct products of dishonesty, corruption, nepotism, favouritism, tribalism and maladministration. These problems can easily be solved if the people, high and low, handle them honestly, sincerely and with the seriousness of purpose. All the virtues of goodness of the human beings are the by-products of honesty, whether it is –– thinking and though, or actions and deeds. Honesty is therefore the remedy of all ills and evils. If they want to make progress they must as the people of 'Krukudites' adopt honesty in their approach to all their affairs. The party has been eaten away like a canker when they were at the helm of affairs. They put the country on the path of disruption, disintegration and destruction. The masses groaned under the yoke of excess, injustice and cruelty. The Kuffour NPP Government lost its faith, confidence and credibility for the people. The immorality and looting were rampant. Evils every where was walking on the crutches of Satan. Modesty and fairness became a far cry; this is not because they are not Christians, this is not because they are not sensible human beings, this is not because they have no law to govern them, but because they arenotoriously corrupted and dishonest. Pettifoggers!They are especially dangerous because their self-absorption prevents them from seeing that they are harming the country, and even makes them think they are helping us. Sharks!

I would therefore stress that it is the crying need of the day for Atta Mills better Ghana government to enlist only those persons into service who are fair and square who can accept every hurdle as a challenge, who can demolish with one stroke their personal ends and above all who can dawn a new era of progress and prosperity on this country. Honesty demands efficiency, capability and credibility on the part of the people otherwise it would be reduced to personal character of an individual and would give no credit or benefit to the country in solving its problems.

The elite crook isn’t leading any more; it’s trapped. It is the trap that threatens their very existence, no wonder the only honest person among them descended heavily on them. Mr Arthur K and his allies must find a way to reassert control of their party or get used to Alan Kyeremanteng - Nana Akuffo Addo hot air. If NPP wants to shoulder the future responsibilities of the country, honesty and national identity must be firmly rooted in their very instinct.

Sika Yena Ampah, Monaco. Sika Yena Ampah is the Path Finder of Buffalo Group, a group that criticise clearly and loudly to the highest Heaven.