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Opinions of Friday, 6 November 2015

Columnist: Mr. Bombs

The kleptomanic nature of the ruling government: the hard truth

The origin of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), it’s sudden transformation from a totalitarian dictatorship under chairman Rawlings’ PROVISIONAL NATIONAL DEFENCE COUNCIL (PNDC) to a political party, bears traces of a family imbued with wickedness, sadism, pravity and cruelty.

The hungry voltarian came from nowhere as a military dictator unto the seat of governance with some initial credulity, though not without some taints of doubts soon to emerge from his hunger for power with extreme vindictive bearing.
That thirst and hunger for power seems to run through the blood vessels of the leadership of the National Democratic Congress of which president John Dramani Mahama (JDM) is not exempted. Their current position on the voters register is a clear manifestation of their “imp-like” character traits.
It was during the PNDC era that saw Ghana in it’s worst prolonged military administration, the genesis of a so called corruption free government that butchered three of Ghana’s former heads of state, plus five other high ranking military officers in cold blood all in the name of up-rooting the tap-root of corruption from the soil of the black stars nation.
Comrades, with all due respect, get it for once that, whatever is bogus is bogus, it is deceptive as well and it is as fraudulent as it is pretentious.
Folks, after the above mentioned patricides of which one of the victims was accused to have taken a repayable bank loan of about fifty pesewas (50p), whole national assets were divested and sold to friends and cronies including chairman Rawling’s wife, Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings.
The question I want to ask is, what do we see today? a whooping amount of GH?51.2million was ladled into one man’s pocket. After a three year period of “legal gymnastics” that chap (WAYOME) was ordered to pay back the money in installment and at will. What a disgraceful nation? Anyway, such is the level and extend of bogus emergence of Mr. Rawlings who founded the NDC.
President Mahama is nothing to write home about. Those of us who knew him earlier can attest to the fact that he was once diagnosed of KLEPTOMANIA.
He has mangled Ghana’s socio-economic wheels of fortune. It will take a man of vision and great foresight to straighten the badly damaged wheels. Ghanaian’s have gone through and endured the worse of the worst under the current administration.
The entire memberships of the party, right from the president, the general secretary down to the last “watchman” have questionable character traits.
A single week never passes without attracting Ghana media attention about some hatched mischief.
It has always been about corruption, thievery. Ooh God, have mercy. I say on authority that the current administration has out-lived it’s usefulness and must be booted out of office in 2016.
Once again, my doors are opened for all forms of criticisms, whether negative or positive.
God bless all my readers, God bless mother Ghana.
Mr. Bombs