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Opinions of Thursday, 17 March 2011

Columnist: Dzaka, Mawuena

Conspiracy Killing Ndc Ketu North

: AS MP DICTATES FRIENDS AS GOVERNMENT APPOINTEES REGARDLESS OF LARGER PARTY! The ruling NDC is in endless and deep trouble in Ketu North constituency. The latest issue of continuing controversies involving Hon. James Avedzi who is also Finance Committee chairman and MP for Ketu north is his worrying interest and success at dictating appointees to the district assembly; a move that clearly is unlawful and yet had gained full conspiracy of some party bigwigs, names withheld for now. This new development is worsening the existing sour relationship among the NDC faithful of Ketu North; and the people continue to fear for the way forward! The NDC party affairs now seem more and more like “a one man show” as far as Ketu North is concerned and the earlier this is addressed the better!

It is no secrete that the MP unconditionally moved for the withdrawal of the name of party fellow Dr. Kpesese who is a staunch NDC man, on grounds that he Dr. Kpesese who hails from the Afife traditional area; and is a former contender for the seat on NDC ticket_ is not his friend. In the light of that, the MP stood firm that the agronomist, despite his capabilities, experiences and talents that the Assembly stands to benefit should be dropped and he was dropped! It is worth mentioning that the lists of turned-down nominees, in the name of “not my friend” for appointment are numerous, and they are all party folks; as far as information from the grapevine indicates! And it is open information now available all over the Ketu North constituency; and it has credence courtesy of some self styled “executives” and usurpers. The question then is whether nomination under our NDC government to an Assembly; which should be done by the DCE in consult with others, per Ghana’s 1992 constitution, is now in our case guided by friendship with one desperate MP! How has nomination _in consultations with groups, opinion leaders and chiefs ; mean MP’s friend and if you are not close enough then he demands your removal! What is the role relationship of the MP to the governance system-Assembly, and is that role not being abused! And what is the end result for our party and government? True party people must assess these developments if they indeed have the interest of our democracy and the NDC at heart here in Ketu North, or if they want to entrench James Avedzi_then they should let us know soon and even late! What are the limits of the MP’s relations with the Assembly or there is no limit now, and is the MP more important in our local government system? These questions are coming because of mind-boggling comments from the so called executives in the NDC- Ketu North

We have before witnessed Hon. James Avedzi impose his friend and contentious “constituency chair” Moses Azaglo, on the Ketu North people for the position of District Chief Executive at which he failed. And he failed out of claims by the Assembly then, that they the Assemblymen were conscious of who is suitable for their people! Our MP then went on to impose the same man he tried imposing as DCE; as a constituency party chair! Legal issues were brought forth, relating to “usurping powers” and that issue ended in court and it is still pending more or less! And one states this position because a reference to the ruling shows that there was no precise ruling on that case which could be said to have rested the case; but the case may instead have life in it on condition of pursuit! The next move for James Avedzi again was to plant his cronies against other popular party people during the district assembly elections, and he used his position to “high-jack” all resources to finance those cronies, in a bid to get them to assembly as Assemblymen; all for reasons best known to him! Unfortunately they all lost, and he Hon. Avedzi lost his backyard electoral area of Xipe/Ative upon all the sponsorship and talk to a pro-NPP man by name Emmanuel Gameli Kpogo. His “contentious executives” and others lost respectively with his pal Moses Azaglo losing out his backyard of Fiagbedu electoral area where he resides to an NPP man and Henry Ametepe of NADMO fame also losing his Fornyaga electoral area within Afife zone to Mr. Ahlodza of the NPP.

This writer will counsel openly; on grounds that there is still some love for our party in Ketu North. One wishes to urge the larger NDC party to investigate the growing call for order in Ketu North, as far as our MP’s dealings are concerned. The voters have signalled in the Assembly elections, of disapproval of the MP’s escapades, and the serious party can choose to use that as a guide towards things to come, or the regional and national leadership can choose to leave it and see what happens to our beloved party come 2012! Maybe we will then understand that “even a myth must be protected”, and protected by all those who believe in it. However if we fail to call James Avedzi the MP to order, and start treating all party rank and file with the needed fairness and logic; and by so doing stopping the “cancer growth” in our Ketu North constituency then our party shall come to suffer!

This piece simply focuses on aspects of records of political imposition in Ketu North constituency, involving Hon. James Avedzi. And one would counsel our party and government to cross-check these facts. The other incidents different from the “government appointee” issues are hinted in order to show a certain pattern that has developed, and the political impunity that has engulfed us here on the ground; but which we the people shall surely and successfully overcome with time, as a people! God bless.

Our struggle for a “Better Ghana” was genuine; and it is time to see it manifest! We expect challenges though, but certainly not this level of waywardness staring us in the face everyday in Ketu North! Let us change in our own interest as a party-the NDC.And let us protect our party faithful who all belong to this great tradition; and we can do this by building bridges towards a united and forward moving party! Another appeal goes to all silent supporters of the party as a matter of urgency_from Afife,Wheta,Penyi, Dzodze and surrounding towns and villages to take interest in the issues of our dear constituency, in the hope that we can enable peace, fairness and progress we once enjoyed; and by so doing save the party. Ketu North deserves better leadership! Long live the Ketu North people! Long live the NDC! Long live President Mills!

Writer: Mawuena Dzaka