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Opinions of Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Columnist: Bayuoni Dramani Maazu

The insurgence of vigilante groups: Who is to blame?

Many a time, distinct activists, intercessors and politicians perceive the up rise of the vigilante groups (delta forces, invisible forces, Azorka boys, etc) as merely what it appears to be. Yes! As what it is (the law of identity).

Their extent proposition being that, it is the lukewarm and ineffective nature of the security forces that causes this unusual seasonal visitation.

Indeed, it is palpable that the primary task of the security forces is to guarantee law and order in our country by protecting citizens from both internal and external aggressions. However, taking the issues for what they vigorously are, stands to suggest we getting it all twisted. Justifiably, the law of identity must be declared foible before we could get the issues right.

*Unarguably, the security forces, in this case the Police Service may be blamed for their actions or inactions as being the cause of the insurgence of the vigilante groups. Nonetheless, rather than rely comfortably on the immediate causes, let us delve into the remote vileness of this catastrophe accompanied by the usual change of government in our country.* Ahead of that however, let us reflect today on our constitution, the chapter that provides the makeup of the Police Council.

Article 202:

(1) The Inspector-General of Police shall be appointed by the President acting in consultation with the Council of State.

(2) The Inspector-General of Police shall be head of the Police Service and shall, subject to the provisions of this article and to the control and direction of the Police Council, be responsible for the operational control and the administration of the Police Service.

(3) Subject to the provisions of this constitution, the power to appoint persons to hold or to act in an office in the Police Service shall vest in the President, acting in accordance with the advice of the Police Council.

(4) The President may, subject to such conditions as he thinks fit, delegate some of his functions under this article by directions in writing to the Police Council or to a committee or to a member of the Council.

With regards to how the Police Council is constituted, it is most resinous to concur with me that the President plays a very significant role by appointing almost all persons of the Police Council. When this happens, *the actions of the Police may be thwarted or effected by the President since abnegation of any of the Police to knuckle under to his commands could cost them their walking letters.* How does this cause the insurgence of the vigilante groups? This is the million dollar question that everyone would then ask.

My personal decomposition into the issues stipulates that *most political party leaders or Candidates during politicking normally do a trillion of propaganda by promising their following mass privileges that are obviously impossible to achieve. As a result, when their party finally wins the election, they tend to take the law into their own hands and do whatever they want.* A Genesis of vigilante groups!

As we progress, hold on closely for me to sew properly the two issues that I have mentioned in the previous discussion. One, how the right of the President to appoint members of the Police Council is not helping in our present situation, and two, how the several promises made by political parties during politicking is a Genesis for the up rise of the vigilante groups.

*You would now realise that because of the association of the two circumstances laid out, if the Police, even in their own capacity can quash and combat this happening, they cannot accomplish it if the government in power is not on their side.*

Rounding it all up, *until this chapter of the constitution is amended, the insurgence of these vigilante groups may not be an issue easy of combat. We have also reckoned that, *even though it may be in the capacity of the security forces to stop the vigilante groups, the hidden and powerful insights may make their work difficult.*

Hence, I hope you now understand it when I proclaim that, *the security forces must not be blamed entirely for the insurgence of the vigilante groups although they also share a part in the blame.*

Bayuoni Dramani Maazu
(Negus the Poet)