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Opinions of Thursday, 26 April 2018

Columnist: Ferkah Demanford David

The influx of alcohol consumption and prostitution among the youth

Some ladies sleep with men for money Some ladies sleep with men for money

According to the scripture, it says teach the child the right way to follow so that when he grows he will not depart from it. What can we say about the youth of this generation that they do not listen to their parents or on the other hand the parents cannot perform obligation fully?

Prostitution or sexual immorality and alcohol consumption has become the order of the day. Some girls¬ (Youth) of this generation do not give respect to their womanhood as well as the boys also cannot control their feelings. This has resulted obviously that some youth of today do not see premarital sex as immoral act or behavior.

Many respectful people have become degraded through the use of alcohol which has brought about the abusing of their families, stealing, murdering and unfaithfulness to marriage vows.

Mostly, these bad practices (Alcohol consumption and Prostitution) are found in the capital cities in the country especially Accra and its environments such as Lapaz, Kwame Nkrumah Circle, choice a suburb of Weija Constituency, Liberia Camp etc and even in the smaller towns.

Additionally, these places have been occupied by the youth with their ages raging from 15years and above involving themselves into prostitution, smoking, drinking and mostly these areas are characterize by immoral behaviour such as stealing, fighting and the rest with drinking spots surrounded around.

My question is who should be held responsible to control or prevent these under age youth from taking alcohol and prostitution? One funny thing is that most of these alcoholic beverages come with an inscription “Not to be sold to person under 18 years” but the reality is different when you go the various spots in the country. This uncontrollable attitude has increase alcohol consumption among the youth.

The other time I got the opportunity to have interaction with some of these commercial sex workers who were Ghanaians and I raised a question about why this works (Prostitution)? The young lady with the age 18 years as she provided told me “we came to the city purposely for job but here is the case job has become headache for the country therefore we cannot return to our villages with empty hands henceforth we have to indulge ourselves into prostitution”.

I further asked them about the risk involved by getting sexual transmitted diseases such as HIV/AIDS? They stated that, before they will accept to sleep with any man such a person has no choice than to use condom. They added that, though the act involves serious risk such killings, rubbing and other unforeseen circumstances but if they refuse who will pay their expenses such as rent, utility bills and even their kids’ school fees?

My question is what must we do to eliminate or minimize this kind of unacceptable behavior so that the youth can achieve their full potential?

The following are my suggestions:

1) Parents and guidance should consider proper checks of their children because these kinds of attitudes are as results of peer pressure. After coming back from school parents must go through their wards school bags without their concern to find out if they have any substance such cigarette, wee and those alcoholic drinks in a sachet. This will help to give proper direction before it is too late.

2) Social amenities and jobs must be created in the rural areas to make the villages attractive in order to prevent rural urban migration.

3) The government should charge the security agents such as the police as part of their duty when patrolling at the night to punish any child below 18 years who will be found at drinking sport

4) The National Commission for Civic Education must take it as a responsibility to educate the youth about the negative effect of prostitution, alcohol consumption and smoking at their early ages and even at the long run.

Let us joint hands together to build a better future for our dear country Ghana by desisting from any kind of life style that will not help to take the baton when our leaders are no more.