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Opinions of Monday, 27 June 2016

Columnist: Karl-Heinz Heerde

The heat of corruption

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Corruption in which form ever, private or public, is a society killer. As a social cancer the remedies to make it an issue of the unfortunate past of mankind are available to all societies when they set out to constantly and forcefully address it.

Observing the world in the past, present and predicting the future one phenomena is striking seeing corruption from an eagle perspective.

In Europe the corruption level in the North of the Continent is low, in countries like Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland and alike, but further down in the South of Europe, in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Albania, and Greece etc. the societies complain about the high rate of corruption.

While Canada and USA on the American Continent has a low rate of corruption, below Mexico and further down south in Latin America people suffer too much from the high level of corruption.

In the Arab world, and Africa as a whole continent, corruption level is at the extreme high end of what can be possible. The same applies to India. In the parts where Asia is hot, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and alike Corruption is a widespread practice, while in Nepal and Bhutan it is on the low side.

The corruption level in Japan is comparable to the North part of Europe, the same applies to Australia and New Zealand. Both Pacific countries were settled by Europeans coming from the North of Europe like England, Ireland, France and Holland implementing their values of correct governance into their hot countries.

Russia, the biggest country on earth, is challenged by high level of corruption leaving many people in poverty due to the fact that the enormous size of the country makes it difficult to control every corner of it besides the fast changes in the political and social systems leaving loopholes and open doors for misusing of national assets and lack of honesty in public performances.

China has seen in the last years immense political changes with great uncertainties besides the fact that, based in the size of land and population, a central government finds it always difficult to impose its rules over all citizen making corruption in dark corners of the country tempting and possible.

Besides the social, moral, traditional and spiritual aspects of a society and the level of corruption, it becomes interesting and obvious to see that there is a tendency in humans from hot countries to engage in corrupt practices, while citizens in colder and cold countries are more law abiding and respectful in this aspect alongside the fact that in large countries corruption is comparable higher than in smaller and very small countries (Lichtenstein, Luxemburg; Malta and Monaco – also two hot countries- to name a few).

As hot countries produce hot tempers in people, and climate change will increase over the years to come the hot temperatures around the world, the tendency to feel more relaxed in the sun will increase in the mentioned countries and regions.

Therefore it seems to be advisable to help those countries with the advice to ensure a political system with tight control of the set standards, effective and progressive punishment when violation of the laws are uncovered and to ensure that political responsibilities are given at a close to the action scene, in other words, as populations are increasing their behavior must be monitored and corrected not from a faraway central Government, but in the area of a possible law violation.

The Central Government can only set the rules and monitor their implementation, regulation and performance taking swift and decisive actions once violations of the set standards occur.

As the populations in especially Africa are on the constant increase, the call is on for a constant change in the political setting and environment. Constitutions of today are soon outdated tomorrow; for that matter having to find new answers to the increase in citizenship.

Observing the political culture in Africa and people working or aspiring to work in it, everyone with a mindset for the next generations to fill the black Continent gets depressed, scared and worried to death spending his life time either constantly in tears for the people or with a whip in his mind to drive the people out from the GOD so wonderful made place for mankind.

As the saying goes, bring all Germans to Ghana and Ghana in 5 years will be the Black Paradise GOD had decided Ghana to be, while at the same time bring all Ghanaians to Germany and our country will be destroyed down to its last bones in the same time frame.

The current Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ecuador has a Father from UK, a Mother from France, was born in UK and left for Ecuador at the age of 18 years fighting as a matured man for his country in Latin America and protecting the interest of Mr. Assange, the WikiLeaks Founder, in their UK Embassy.

In the Global Village we live in today national sentiments are no longer the answer to the exciting and upcoming problems societies around the world face but to put people of expertise, heart and determination into the right positions of societies regardless of their national, ethnical, social or spiritual background.

Problems are here to solve them and not to discuss them!