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Opinions of Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Columnist: Transient Justice

The health care system in Ghana is pathetic

Is Atta Mills is a baby killer?

I was wondering when Atta Mills was going to take on the issue of health care and, make a real difference in people’s lives. The health care system in Ghana is pathetic. We currently have a life expectancy of around 60 years and, a total of 2,304 Doctors working in Ghana. This includes doctors of all specialties. Thus, the country is basically a death trap.

In Atta Mills Ghana there are roughly 55 deaths per 1,000 live births. This figure is very high and, Dr. Fiifi Atta Mills has shown no dedication or plan to fixing this problem. Now, some NDC men may argue that the government is using the revenue from the seized toilets to build up some cash to attack the issue… I simply do not believe it.

Why has Atta Mills not come up with a comprehensive plan to fix Ghana’s health care system? Why has there not been a big speech outlining a 5 year plan to make real improvements? Why has there not been a goal set to get the life expectancy up to 70+ years? Why has the government not revealed any plan to attack the infant mortality problem which is causing the deflation in our life expectancy? The answers are simple.

Atta Mills simply does not care about Ghanaian babies. Put more bluntly, Dr. Atta Mills is a baby killer. How else can you explain nearly 2 years of inaction? Health is wealth and, the foundation of every economy but, Dr. Atta Mills seems to not comprehend this simple fact. There are less than 80 doctors TOTAL in the Northern Region + the upper West region + Upper East region. This is a travesty beyond belief and, a violation of the human rights of the citizens that live in that area. Why has Atta Mills not come up with a plan similar to what is done in the US were Doctors who plan to practice in underserved areas get some extra money and, incentives?? Do you know why?

Atta Mills simply does not care about Ghanaian’s health issues. Who is the minister of Health? I don’t know the clown because, he has done nothing. The joker has not made any sort of speech. He is probably mapping out plans on how to seize toilets instead of working on health care for Ghanaians. Absurd? Maybe but, the lack of action in our health care industry breeds these types of beliefs.

Dr. Mills, we are waiting for you to announce your comprehensive plan to solve the health care issues in Ghana. What is your comprehensive plan? What is your 2 year plan? Since you never announced a 4 year plan and wasted 2 years, what are you going to do in the last 2? Please do something for the people of Ghana with regard to health care.