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Opinions of Monday, 26 October 2015

Columnist: Frimpong, J. Y.

The guy who won't shut up over Dumsor.

I know perfectly well I am a guy who won't shut up over dumsor. As someone who is barely in his mid-twenties, I am expected to appreciate whatever is handed over to me like a dog. I am expected to keep quiet and believe that Mahama is 'working for me' to solve the current energy crisis that has hit the country for over three getting to four years. I am expected to believe that people in authorities have the interest of this nation at heart. As I always say, I am a man of action and I believe every speech should reflect in action(s).

I know you have read a lot of articles about dumsor, I know a lot of "blows" and caustic vile have been thrown around but dumsor seems not to end and as some of my friend say, will never end so I better shut up and adjust to it. I don't care how many articles have been written about dumsor, I don't care how many years we have slept in darkness and listened to mosquitoes sing beautiful melodies in our ears at night. I don't care about all these because I still remain the guy who won't shut up over dumsor.

Day by day, our country is virtually going back to the stone ages and everyone expect me to keep quiet because apparently "no matter how you scream, nothing will change." Of course things will change and has to change; Ghana is all what we have and must protect. You don't expect me to "shut" up when things are not going well. Per how things are right now, we can safely say Ghanaians are living in the dark ages which shouldn't be so? Thanks to social media, the television and newspapers, we see how people from other (Western and Asian) countries are happily 'walking on lights' why can't the Ghanaian have same? I disagree on any assumption which suggest that I should accept dumsor because we are better than some other countries. No, I won't accept this assumption today, tomorrow or next year! We all agree that things should change; we have no business comparing ourselves to people who are sleeping in darkness more than we do. What prevents the Ghanaian too from enjoying lights 24/7? Are Ghanaians second-class human beings to be treated as dogs and be given 'left-over' bones? I won't accept this treatment!

It does not matter what the other political administrations did wrong, that is why it's called history! I don't know how we can possibly change history. All what we have is today and a chance to change the future. This is why I won't shut up over dumsor; things will change and has to change (no matter what). I have heard more blame games than solutions from the radio and on tabloids to break my heart but I still won't shut up. NPP did not do much to prevent dumsor from having in the future and so what? This certainly does not mean we should be lied to about dumsor. Mr. President, it is beginning to suggest that the power barge will never come and the power minister maybe sacked after all.

Well to all politicians, there are some people who won't shut up over dumsor and I am one of them. Don't think you can deceive us because we have gotten to a stage where maintaining our cool is no longer is important to us. I am not going to shut up till the day comes when I can sleep in lights and will remember no more that once upon a time dumsor was my favourite enemy.

J.Y. Frimpong
Twitter handle: @jyfrimpong