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Opinions of Friday, 15 May 2015

Columnist: Nkunim, Yaw

The green revolt: CPP mantle

Africa is green. This statement of fact is deposited in the green flags of African countries. Africa, in other words is the Green Continent. Other philosophies refer to Africa as the Green Lady. We are therefore the Green People. Revolt is the total break away from the existing system. In other words, absolute turn around from the established order. A mantle is the wick that gives a brilliance of light when torched.

Every era has its span of time. However, generally defined systems or order can be abruptly rejected for a new one if its effect is negative. This usually happens when the resultant pressure from the prevailing system becomes unbearable, reaching breaking point. Natural elastic end of a period can also coincide with the breaking point of pressure from a negative system. In such circumstances, the inevitability of the death of the prevailing system is certain.

Not all revolts are physically violent. However there is always resistance of the establishment against the advancing new system. This collusion of systems makes mental violence in revolutions unavoidable. Every revolution must have a vision, mission, a plan and a sustainable system entrenchment program. A cardinal principle of revolutions is that the new system to be established must be better in all facets to the mass of the people than the old order. Uncompromising execution of these elements make a successful revolution.

If the revolution is not dynamically sustainable with its uncompromising principles, it will fail. It will end up as a waste of energy and time, and therefore a useless venture. Every revolutionary must therefore be critically circumspect of the cardinal principle of revolutions. It is for the good of society that such circumspection is exercised. The first part of the CPP Independence Revolution, by any standard is a successful one. It was a twin agenda revolution, political and economic. The political achievement which rightly precedes the economic has been clear in results. Africa today is politically independent. It is absolutely sustainable. The economic, the subsequent component, is yet to be realized. It was interrupted by greedy elements. This interruption has been a chaotic waste of time.

The National Liberation Movement, NLM, United Party, UP and their resultant lineage, the New Patriotic Party, NPP must be ashamed at the results of their interruption. They delivered nothing near the the unfinished economic progress of CPP. The Provisional National Defense Council, PNDC and its child, National Democratic Congress, NDC have also failed. They have not been applicable to their own revolutionary and ideological principles of justice, probity and accountability.

The period of the interruption of the CPP independence revolution has been nothing more than organised chaos for the masses. Principle compromised is principle abrogated. CPP brought us light. Energy. Power. NDC and NPP have sapped us into thick film of darkness. Economic uncertainty. Hopelessness. The unbearable economic pressure on Ghana has reached a breaking point. This breaking point has converged with the natural elastic end of the Blue World. The inevitable conclusion of both the local and international dynamics is simply a Green Revolt.

The Blue Capitalist NPP can never generate nor lead a Green Revolution. NDC, coming out of the Rawlings Revolution can not indict itself with another revolution. Neither has it got the ideological capacity to generate nor lead this inevitable Green Revolt. The ideologically hollow Red Progressive Peoples Party, PPP of Dr Nduom is principally doomed to start, let alone lead this Green Revolt.

The Peoples National Convention, PNC and the Great Consolidated Peoples Party are wilderness mushroom parties. In other words, they mushroomed during the thirty two year wilderness ban of the CPP by both the NLM/UP/NPP and PNDC/NDC. CPP is restored. Nkrumaism never dies. They must simply gather their accouterments and come home. We must never again waste time on merger talks. It is simply a matter of going back to a restored home. CPP welcomes them with open arms and cushions to make them comfortable.

CPP is ideologically Green, Self Reliant, Socialist and Pan Africanist. These are the principles and elements for the Green Revolt. Equally important is the fact that CPP started this unfinished Green Revolt. We know the terrain of the green revolution very well. CPP has been greatly successful with the political independence, the first part of the unfinished Green Revolt. Africa is politically free forever.

CPP is poised for even greater success with the second phase of the Green Revolt, economic independence. The Green Lady has connected with her son. Africa is connected to Ghana. Ghana's independence shall no more remain meaningless. CPP simply has the mantle, the wick to be re-torched for that brilliance of light. We must all support this last phase of the Green Revolution. It is time for the great cultural change, SAKRA 2016, that will lead us to realize the Great Promise of Justice, Peace, Prosperity and Total Freedom. Forward ever! Nkunim woho mayen!! God bless us!!!

AUTHOR: Yaw Nkunim
Sculptor, Writer, Concept Developer &
CPP Member