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Opinions of Saturday, 3 February 2018

Columnist: Musah Abdul Razak

The get rich quick attitude of today's youth is detrimental to their holistic growth.

Although the economy is hard, daddy is trying all his best possible to make your future bright. Mummy, a common street vendor, is giving a helping hand to daddy all because of you. But what are you doing to pay them? Camouflaging yourself to the satisfactory of a mere mortal.

When you talk about some youth, those who are vigilant and the aged who qualify the adage "there is more wisdom in the grey hair" see them as nincompoops. The high incidence of competition and taste for materialistic desires among the youth have for some time now escalated to a level that is worrisome. Parents, men and women of God, teachers, stakeholders inter alia need to condemn this act in no uncertain terms. It bewilders me why most of the youth, even those whose parents struggle to cater for them, those who are from poor backgrounds to be specific, competing and comparing their lives to others forgetting who they are, where they come from, their capabilities, what they have, their purpose in life and they being mortals.

Of late, the fallacy implanted in the minds of most of the youth is that either a boy or a girl without a girlfriend or a boyfriend respectively is like Africa without Madagascar. People who are not flashy in appearance are barbarians, those who live in the rural areas are villagers and those who are not fashionable in appearance are 'too local'.

Simplicity which frees the heart from the clutches on materialism, greed and selfishness is now ignored by most of the youth. Education as Nelson Mandela ever said, is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world, is now seen as an option to most of the youth. I sometimes meditate and ask myself, where the youth of today are rushing to? For where they are rushing to, in my perspective, I don't think a prophet can prophesy, a seer can predict, neither a soothsayer can foresee. This lust for material things and competitions have made three gods being worshipped today which cause harm to our body and lead us astray.

These gods are; quest for power, quest for wealth and sexual gratification. If you are not satisfied with what you have, then how would you be satisfied with what you want? Always remember that the more you get, the more you want. I thought the famous adage, "a memories of the dead is a warning to the living" but to some of the youth, it only serves as merrymaking.

I was taken aback when a guy inboxed me on Facebook to like and comment on his pictures. It sounded ridiculous but I got to understand him when a guy came to me back at school, for my kick to go for an outing. This guy used the kick to snap pictures and people were commenting and liking it. At the end of the day, he was very happy because he had gotten many likes and comments and this shows how the people are being impressed. This is sickening!

On the streets are some guys in their 'tattered' clothing. They are blindly called 'crazy', meanwhile in reality they themselves are not lunatics. You will see some in disguise with either borrowed kicks or clothing holding their expensive phones with their 'funny' haircut, they ignorantly see as a fashion. They complain bitterly about the government but they themselves are lazy. Their only intention is to achieve their evil desires on a silver platter.

On the other hand, we see them in their tattered, transparent dresses with the sole aim of attracting men, the irresponsible ones to be specific. They post their nude and erotic pictures on social media so that they would be liked. Those whose parents are poor are being disdained since they depend solely on their men.

Razak is fair in complexion so Abu must also use the peanut he gains every time to buy bleaching pomade so that he could be better than Razak, forgetting that the leopard cannot change its spots. Drusilla is using infinix so Patience must also go round sleeping with men so that she could buy an I-phone, forgetting that wealth hastily gotten dwindles with no time. Rather he who gathers little by little succeed. Isaac has posted a nice picture so John has no option than to go and borrow Gabriel's jeans and kick so that he could in disguise post a nicer picture, forgetting that people who give false identity live in fear. Ferdinand comes from a rich family so Frederick wishes he were the one not knowing that even the five fingers of our hands are not the same. Raphael is using Kia, Felix who cannot even afford a taxi is hungry for Tundra. What a competitive world we are in now! This is not advisable at all.

It is about time the youth learned how to walk before they run. It is about time the youth recognized what they have and work with it. It is about time some of the youth noticed that the cow with a long tail doesn't jump over fire. It is about time the youth got for themselves, mentors and proper role models. It is also about time the youth stopped competing and comparing themselves to others. We were not born equal hence we cannot all be equal.

God gave different talents to every single individual. What is paramount is to identify your potential and develop it. Success will surely come your way but not at the same time as others get theirs. The youth of today must learn to exercise patient and wait for their portion of blessing.