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Opinions of Friday, 28 April 2017

Columnist: Akyena Brantuo Benjamin

The evil known as spiritual ambitiousness

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Spiritual ambitiousness is the quest to be spiritually relevant by seeking to establish oneself prematurely, when it is very clear circumstances are less mature for such independence.

It is the false assumption that one can do it on their own without help from others. It is the urgent quest for recognition and favour within the spiritual sphere. It seeks to promote ones self rather than God, but it disguise itself as seeking urgently to finish a task for God.

SPIRITUAL AMBITIOUSNESS is almost like greed in its quest,nature and passion.

It wants all the attention for itself. Because of this it does not want to work with established structures less it might lose its name and significance to the superior who is clearly much establish than them.

SPIRITUALLY AMBITIOUS PERSONS ARE in a haste and cannot wait for the right time.

They peak as quickly as they commenced for they have no established roots and foundations of organisation nor of an understanding of what it is that they wants to achieve apart from anything that will give them name and fame.

Sometimes SPIRITUAL AMBITIOUSNESS comes about as a result of failure to
achieve success in the circular world. They assume that they can compensate for their failure in the physical world in the spiritual sphere without understanding that everything is gradual and systematic like birth, where there is pregnancy before birth, and then followed by crawling, walking, running and and others follow later. Ambitiousness wants to start by flying.

That is sad as it is tragic.

SPIRITUAL AMBITIOUSNESS is an evil spirit of the worse kind like pride. When one works for the sake of self importance rather than the relevance of what they are doing or what they can add to society, that attitude can make one kill and commit all kinds of crimes. In fact it is what makes Pastor’s seek evil spirit for help and what made Lucifer fell. They are interested in themselves and will do anything to promote and project that.

What is influencing your prayers and fasting ?

What is pushing your ministry?

What is directing your path ?

What makes you feel you should start you church from the one you belong to?

Why do you want to leave the choir and go solo?

Why can’t you just write for the church and let the church bear the title?

Why must you lead and not support others?

What is all the noise about?

Remember Paul planted, Apollos watered but God gave the increase.

It is not of him who plant or watered who is important but of God who makes all things grow.

Our motives should be how we can help for all things to grow for the masters purpose . It is not about stardom but it is about getting the work fully and totally done. Our joy should be that we played our part in that effect.