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Opinions of Sunday, 4 June 2017

Columnist: Jaan Bie Iwaii - Aluta Continua

The enemies has brought NDC back to opposition, they must back bite people and we see

I write with MALICE towards None, ever since I took up my pen to write during the PNDC era in 1984 in the revolution led by Former Chairman J.J. Rawlings, who became a military Head of state for 11 years, resigned from the Military and contested as a civilian as presidential candidate and won the two elections twice and became president for 8 years 1992-2000.

Nobody raised a single finger against me for writing such powerful articles apart from the violent prone NPP members who all hate the truth in Ghana because they are smugglers, cocaine dealers, tax evaders, political armed robbers, professional liars, tribal bigots, thugs, and green eyed monsters that have been let loose in Ghana.

They now have two armed wings called The Invincible Forces and the Delta Force. Now, tell me, if you are not an NPP member or supporter why should you be very angry with me for vividly describing these dangerous species within the NPP this way? I leave the answer to readers. Chairman Rawlings DID NOT train Cadres To Praise Big Men and become boot lickers and sycophants to them

You see, Power To The People will forever remain a mere slogan until the long oppressed masses legitimately seeking SOCIAL JUSTICE and ECONOMIC FREEDOM learn to INSIST on their social, economic and political rights without looking up to the so-called professional politicians who always preach democracy and rather work against its institution.

Do you know those who were unhappy with the Articles I have been writing. You will not believe it but it is the stubborn truth that an Entire Constituency Executives, and the MCE under President Mills government who even reported me to the National Security because of the Articles I write, some cabinet and Regional ministers of state as well as some Castle staffers and NDC/members of parliament and even some half baked cadres – I mean, if you are a cadre and you hate the articles I write, you must consider yourself as a half baked cadre.

Are these not very surprising? Do you believe all the above characters are, really TRUE NDC MEMBERS who even managed to get appointments as MMDCES, Regional Ministers cabinet Ministers and even Castle Staffers – not to talk about the so-called cadres who have been paid to always attack me in Obuasi from 2009 to 2016 to no avail? They must Back kite dedicated NDC members and party cadres again and we see, now that they have brought back the NDC into painful opposition.

For some of us, we got NOTHING when the NDC was in power for 8 years, and will again get nothing now that the NDC is in opposition and if care is not taken, we will be in opposition for another 8 years and beyond because it appeared some NDC communicators had NOT shed the arrogance that culminated in their party’s humiliating defeat following last years elections on 7th December 2016.

Listening to some party communicators, it appears they do not seem REMORSEFUL of their display of greed and arrogance in their public utterances that contributed to the NDC defeat in 2016. The more they go this way, the longer we will remain in opposition. Meanwhile, these are NOT my words, but I believe, it is the stubborn TRUTH. Now a very hopeless political party has just formed a government after beating the NDC through lies, and deceit and we are all in hell on earth.

In my view, there are so many things that are now currently working against NDC members, and there are so many things that we would have to work hard and surmount by WINNOWING THE CHAFF FROM THE MILLET.

Oh: Yes, I have been writing without any sponsor, I have been writing with empty stomach whether NDC is in power or Not and I have acquired so many ENEMIES WITHIN THE NDC and that worries and pains me, but I called their bluff with the contempt it deserved and went hungry, nobody regards me, my four children remain un-employed and I was told by a bloke in the Obuasi NDC that I will walk up and down in the NDC and GET NOTHING – This was in March 2009 and it came to past – I really got Nothing since the one who said that had the full backing of all the Constituency Executives and the green eyed greedy MCE.

Today 2017, we are back to opposition because of their greed, but Sangaparee has not died of hunger, nor that of his four children, Yes, Sangaparee is still hitting hard with his articles from power to opposition, My Enemies who back bitted and lied to the Regional Executives in Kumasi as well as former president Mahama and they all believed it and supported them MUST COME OUT AND BACKBITE ME AGAIN, I AM STILL BATTLE READY – Apologies to the North Korean Leader.

Today, 2017 the Majority Has Been Defeated and the Minority in 2016 are now in power, whose fault is it?


THRUTH has to be told even when others call it HATE. I was shocked when Hon. Haruna Iddirisu, the minority leader in parliament led the minority caucus to Rawlings residence. Has the party now realized belatedly that he is the Founder of the NDC until death or not? What do they expect from a Barking Dog that has been chained since 2010 until 2016 to do for them? Is he now an NDC member or an NPP member since he once advised Nana Akufo Addo who took his advice and became Ghana’s president according to Nana Addo himself? Did the then NDC Majority in parliament ever visit Rawlings at his residence since the 2012 general elections? Did they visit him from 2012 to 2016? No, they rather SNUBBED HIM, REFUSED TO TAKE HIS ADVICE AND LOST THE ELECTIONS So how dare you blame him?


Thousands of Ghanaians are in the NDC because of Former Chairman Rawlings including this writer, and thousands would leave this party if he is forced to abandon the NDC as some NDC innocent GURUS are planning day and night to do, they would fail and be exposed and even expelled from the great NDC, never to return again – you mark my words.

Will the NDC caucus had visited former president Rawlings if the party had won the 2016 elections, the answer is capital No, because they falsely believe that “THEY HAVE SEIZED THE NDC FROM RAWLINGS AND HIS CADRES WHOM THEY LOVE TO HATE - PERIOD ” Yes, I have said it in plain words because TRUTH is an indispensable quality of life – so you either take it or leave it, but we cannot sit back and allow Latter Day Saints within the NDC to seize it from our hands – You Lie Bad.

Some comments coming from the top echelons of the NDC against the party structures will also deepen the cracks and inflame passions at the various branches and that is the main reason why I also wrote this hard hitting but factual article to equalize such comments to show them that most foot soldiers at the grass root also know several happenings within the NDC and not the top gurus in Accra alon.

Look here, I don’t write to please anybody or group of people, but I always write to provoke debate period. If you hate Rawlings and his cadres as well as his utterances, and then turn round to visit his residence to seek his assistance then his cadres must also talk about it hence my remarks. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.

This is a harmless but powerful comment coming from me because the situation at this time demanded it. Where are the backbiters, sycophants and opportunists in the NDC? Let them stop me from writing my articles again.

Before the 2016 general elections, there were so many allegations of corruption that were leveled against some party officials of the NDC and I am sure that the violent prone NPP will put in place measures to investigate all these allegations through the yet to be established office of the Special Prosecutor and send some NDC appointees and party gurus to prison whether they are Guilty or Not, because it happened to Mr. Kwame Peprah, Ibrahim Adam, the late Victor Selormey and Mr. Tsatsu Tsikata who were all JAILED ILLEGALLY ON THE INSTRUCTIONS OF FORMER PREZ. KUFUOR.

The more party officials and former government appointees SOIL THEIR IMAGE, by being found culpable of corruption, the longer the NDC will be in opposition since some of its leaders were all EATING WITH BOTH HANDS. They must not expect ANY SUMPATHIES FROM NDC FOOTSOLDIERS WHEN THEY ARE CAUGHT, TRIED AND JAILED.

Worse things will happen under President Akuffo Addo’s government such that if there are no skeletons in your cupboard, Nana Akuffo Addo will put some there in order to jail you – Yes this is a fact – you mark my words – The NPP rose from being a Vengeful Loser to become a Vengeful Winner of the 2016 elections – so those who abused their positions must start buying GARRI AND SHITO AND GET READY TO GO TO NSAWAM PRISON.

Those who eat with both hands illegally too will also walk with both feet to prison. Former President Rawlings had earlier talked about corruption in the NDC right from 2009 when Professor Mills won that election with 40,000.

Votes and he was condemned and chained by the party leadership and described as a barking dog and later sidelined completely by the party leadership and his own government for 8 years. So, if today, 2017, our arrogance, greed and hatred for Rawlings and his cadres has brought the NDC back to opposition, then it means that ‘KOKROMOTI POWER’ IS MORE SWEET THAN THE THING – AM I LYING? No matter which political party you belong to, Never campaign and vote for known arrogant, greedy and disrespectful politician in Ghana for we are FED UP WITH THEM.

From Obuasi this has been Clement Sangaparee, giving some PUNKS in both the NPP and the NDC, a perpetual heart beat. You keep your fingers crossed, I shall return with more fire.