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Opinions of Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Columnist: PK. Sarpong

Adongo and co wallow in ignorance over Bawumia’s comment

In their inexorable determination to dent the huge stature and credibility of the Vice President of the Republic, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the opposition National Democratic Congress has twisted and misrepresented a statement he made concerning government’s decision to begin the construction of dams in line with Government’s One Village One Dam policy.

Though the administration indicated in the 2018 budget that 100 of such dams would be taken care of, the Veep in his statement over the policy at the annual Paari Gbiele Festival of the people of Sissala, said it is government’s expectation to work hard to increase the number. Truly, if government budgeted for 100 but wants to work hard to increase the number shouldn’t that be a good news? This has plunged the NDC into their propaganda-filled world, inducing some stalwarts to ignore common sense, and behave like their footsoldiers who get wind of an issue and run into town with it.

Led by the discredited Member of Parliament for Bolga Central, Isaac Adongo, the NDC is asking where the funds for the additional dams will come from since they’re not captured in the 2018 budgetary statement. Adongo claims that the government cannot spend beyond what the appropriations act say. He went on to describe the Vice President with dictions and expressions which are distasteful much as they’re unsavoury.

Adongo’s loutish behaviour has blindfolded him so much to the extent that common sense has eluded him. With his experience, one would have expected that he would know that this can be done in two ways;

Either go back to Parliament to ask for additional funds or an entity could come to our aid without adding a flicker of debt to our debt stock.

Is it not the case that the government can go back to Parliament to ask for additional funds to be utilized on the additional dams to be constructed, if it so desires?

Is it something extraordinary or out of order to have a body or groups within or outside the country agreeing to help us with some funds with the sole intent to build these additional dams?

Instead of asking these critical questions, Adongo would allow his intelligence to betray him by hastily jumping into conclusions.

Clearly, the decision to slight Vice President Mahamudu Bawumia was the motivation behind these cacophonous yet uncoordinated submissions on what the Vice President alluded to at the festival.

Vice President Bawumia has been a thorn in the flesh of the NDC for the past number of years since he came into the political limelight. His intellectual acumen, coupled with his ability to practicalise economic theories to soothe the painful but messy economy the NDC left behind are responsible for this level of hatred for him.

The NDC lacks the men and women with the clout that defines Dr. Bawumia. The Vice President towers above any other person in the NDC in terms of intelligence, especially in the field of economic management, and this is the main causative factor propelling the opposition members to make a mountain out of a mere molehill.

It doesn’t hurt for Adongo and his cohorts to expend a bit of their time fine-tuning on the little knowledge they’ve acquired in the field of Economics.

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