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Opinions of Thursday, 7 January 2016

Columnist: Afriyie, Clement

The electoral commission and the Ghana voter register.

The electoral commission of Ghana has told Ghanaians that , it has received the Report from the Five member committee appointed to ascertain whether there is the need to compile a new voter register or otherwise. According to the EC, the committee did not find it sensible and prudent to prepare a clean, valid and acceptable voter which is new. But the question majority of people are asking, especially patriotic Ghanaians is, Did the committee take into consideration the will of Ghanaians? The answer to this question is a big NO. This is because prior to the commission of this so called noble committee, some of the members especially the chairman, Mr. VCRAC Crabbe had goofed so many times on the Peace fm and other sister radio stations that, Ghana does not a new credible voter register.
It is not surprising that these same people will sit in a “CHOP BAR” eat, drink and come out with this cock and bull report that there is no need to have a new voter register. This presupposes that the committee members themselves do not have the mental capacity to appreciate the danger they are plugging this country into. Another interesting character in this whole voter register SAGA is the Chair of the EC, Mrs. Charlotte Osei. The posture of this woman clearly shows that she is frustrated and trying to please her masters yet she is not getting the needed results. How can a whole EC chair say that compiling a new and credible voter register will lead to chaos. It is only in Ghana where taxpayers’ monies are paid to people to not to think rationally. The same person says the 56% of our population in the voter register is normal because Ghanaians do not have any form of identification apart the voter ID card. Madam Chairperson, have you forgotten what Dr Afari Gyan said during the Election petition? That, “There is something fundamentally wrong with the voter register and so Ghanaians should help him to make it more credible.”.
The EC’s own boss, President Mahama said in 2008, that “the number of people in our voter register is onheard off.” So Madam EC, tell us what you have done to justify the voter register credible? According to Dr. Amoako Baah EC has no right to state its stand when it has not even finished talking to stakeholders who matter a lot as far as our voter register is concerned. The (EC) should have consulted stakeholders before taking such decisions. It must be noted that, the decisions of various political parties are stronger than that of the EC and failure of the EC to change the voter’s register could lead to chaos in the country and must take a second look at their decision.
We will end with a quote from former first lady Mrs. Rawlings “Their puppet is dancing to their tune so they are jubilant. No new voter register they say. But in a progressive country change is constant, change is inevitable. The art of statesmanship is to foresee the inevitable and expedite its occurrence. It will be suicidal to attempt to stop the tsunami of change in Ghana. Let those who have ears listen”.