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Opinions of Sunday, 26 May 2013

Columnist: Aka-eri, Francis Aka-ebila

The destructive hand of the New Patriotic Party

Francis Aka-ebila Aka-eri

For many decades, Africans have gone through hell at the hands of western minds who claim to know it all, but have no guts to do the right thing. During the days of slavery, many Africans were gruesomely killed and many more taken against their will across the middle passage to work on plantations for greedy white man - without reparation.

As if that was not enough, the white man with blue eyes continued his greedy quest to the ends of turning kingdoms against kingdoms to colonize Africa - Africans needlessly perished. When great African minds stood up to defend us, they too were cut down by western knives with the help of Africans who couldn’t see pass their own snouts.

As we persevered through the white man’s hell fire; the white man unleashed western mercenaries to destabilize our budding governments and thus instilled in our political leaders the thought of doom should they fail. This explains why men like President Robert Mugabe fearfully over stayed their welcome in our political arena, mostly because the greedy white man made us believe that when politicians fail to lead in Africa, they should fall under the gallows.

When the tactic of ‘Gallows for the failed African politician.’ failed, the greedy white man sought indirect rule by aiding ambitious tugs to seek or seize power. Limiting Africans to the sharecropper’s earnings on the world market yet again, the greedy white man held us down in poverty for decades. And is still to this day, rubbing his nose in our politics. Since when did the greedy white man acceptably become the god of the black man in Africa?

My answer: since the days when Africans like Nana Akufo-Addo of the New Patriotic Party leaped and lost their sense of direction and went bowing to the European Union for a redress of Ghana’s most recent elections. Ghana is a nation of laws; Ghana has a capable and transparent electoral commission and smart judiciary. Why would any wise African leave behind such a robust political system in Ghana for solutions from the EU miles away?

The last time I checked, the African Union was still alive 50 years, however if an African would glaringly ignore African systems and rather reach out to the white man’s world for solutions, what makes us think he can lead? Ghana beware, when Akufo-Addo becomes president we are going back to the kneeling and bowing of the white man. Clearly he is a western puppet and besides mastering the white man’s language and culture, he is an empty suit.

Thank you Ghana for rejecting him in the polls, he is certainly not fit to lead. The New Patriotic Party of Ghana is better off without him, if we are wise enough to boot him out before it is too late to recover from his fangs of colonial dependency - he’s too ugly to be president. Indeed for our independence, we must embrace self-reliance and hard work to control our own destiny as a nation. We cannot fail to do the right thing in our own way as Africans.