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Opinions of Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Columnist: Richard Tawiah, Contributor

The challenge of coronavirus: Seeing the good in bad

I woke up this morning with this urge to share with you this piece basically to encourage anyone going through a trying moment in his/her life.

We all wake up everyday with different issues, some of course negative like the COVID-19 pandemic, unsettled bills, relationships falling apart or a heart breaking report from the last scan taken at the hospital. All these could make one lose control of one's self and fall into the trap of pessimism.

When you encounter problems like these, always remember that life is a battle and if everything in life was alright then we wouldn't have to fight. No matter what, life is a challenge and if we stay or run away it will pursue us.

We need to be strong and have faith to confront all the challenges we encounter instead of sitting idle. Many times in life, obstacles become the bedrock for God to bring out the best in us. We will never know we are strong until we fight, we will never know we are intelligent until we take the test.

In the midst of the negatives, we can always spot something good in them. I employ you not to pay too much attention to the negatives around you but rather focus on the little things which encourage you.

Before you begin to look down upon yourself or complain about your life, take a look around you and see what others are going through. Look at the homeless on the streets, the millionaires in prison wanting to have freedom like you.

You may not have everything that you need but at least you have a place to lay your head, and above all you have your freedom. The greatest gift we have is the gift of life!

How beautiful it is to wake up to see your wonderful family and friends surrounded by nature itself. This makes life worth living. Let us always endeavour to show gratitude to God Almighty for how far he's brought us.

Always complaining about things has never been a solution to any problem in life. While you do not appreciate the real 'you', someone out there is fervently praying just to be like you.

Appreciating the goodness of God in your life will be very pleasurable when we all realize that the best sometimes comes from the worst. Out of rejection, we walk in a new direction which births acceptance, and out of pains a great strength is produced.

Stop worrying over things you have no control over and give them all to God; shattered dreams, wounded heart and broken thoughts. He always turns our sorrows into joy. When we try to control things beyond our ability it brings unnecessary pressure and depression which blinds us from appreciating the beauty of life.

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