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Opinions of Sunday, 8 September 2013

Columnist: Adakwa, Ahamed

The boiling pot of a virdict: my speech

Fellow countrymen and women, lend me your eyes and ears. I have come to console NANA but not to condemn the president of the gavel. The judgment that men give lives after them. A good case is often interred with the evidence. So let it be with NANA. I heard you address party faithful after you had filed your petition at the Supreme Court. You told the quinine-slivered party supporters, that you trust the court and that they should not do anything to endanger the rule of law. Yet the wise men said you have no case. And they are our Lords.

I remember, at the court, you were asked to provide the respondents further and better particulars, and you did. Yet, the wise men said you have no case. And they are our Lords. You adduced evidence to the shock of the wise men, yet they said you have no case. And they are justice deliverers. Your running mate, co-petitioner, Mahammudu Bawumia, eloquently and master-craftily provided unblemished statistics for the court to aid justice delivering. Yet the 5 powerful Lords including the head said you have no case. And they are men of truth as the other 4 Lords. I watched your learned apprentices to you pummel the 2nd respondent-EC boss, Dr. Afari Gjan to submission of chilling irregularities on the Pink Sheet. Yet our 5 King Solomons including the leader voted no case as the other equally 4 King Solomons said you have case. But the former is the majority.

NANA, your legal team stripped naked Afari Gjan in his quest to deceive the nine wise men through falsification of pink sheets. With all this, the powerful 5 wise men went for him. And they are our untouchable truth Sayers. Your cream of lawyers showed to the court polling stations that had their votes annulled due to over-voting and accordingly adduced others in a pray to same be done. But the 5 said no. And they are men of truth just as the other 4 are truth Sayers. When the voiceless deafening call came against Acheampong's UNIGOV, you echoed it at the peril of your life. You defied it amidst the stuttering rifles in the name of rule of law. In the legal fraternity, you are a colossus for the sanctity of the judiciary. Yet the law said you have no case. And it is the law you selflessly fought for. My Honour, NANA AKUFFO ADDO, as a dyed-in –the-wool legal brain, you cherish the individual liberty and the rule of law and fought for it since your budding years to date. The AMOAKO TUFFOUR Vs ATTOENEY GENERAL under your aegis is a classical reminiscence you won for the state. Country men and women, this is the man our respected 5 justices including the leader said he has no case and the other 4 said he has. And both of them are our legal Lords watched by the heavenly LORD. Hear me well, you bitter brewing body of judgment in your abode, our elders say, “The calabash that is used to de-silt a well, does not drink its water.” And our elders are the conduit of God’s wisdom. Yes! the calabash would have been broken after the exercise. But in your case, NANA, upon all your near-death fights for the law, you are still fit to enjoy the fruits of the law. Yet the 5 lords led by the leader said you have no case. And they are the custodians of the law just as the other 4. NANA, If the 8-month legal assemblage at the state’s apex court has not benefited you as so ruled, it has done so to some catholic of the populace, as some by now are preparing to be enrolled to future wear the woven blond(e) hair. You have facilitated free legal class for the global populace: All the legal terms- suo motto, stricto senso, interlocutory, further and better particulars, ‘amicus s….’, power of attorney, to mention but few are now in the brains of Ghanaians via your influence.

NANA, if all this is the reason some hate you, God will not forsake you. That time will definitely come. You gave law gratis to many and some ungratefully turned against you. But you said nothing. NANA, I vouch for you on behalf of those who cannot access you. You are an embodiment of knowledge and a source of motivation to the youth. NANA, it is not yet time to take a back seat, but I agree with you to rest and bounce back. It is ridiculous to say, give power to some people else there will not be peace. The supreme verdict is delivered. We accept it. What next? Voting without biometric verification accepted? Over-voting accepted? Statutory duty imposed on presiding officer can be violated? Consequential orders needed immediately, else in the next election, LORD of all Lords will descend to the defense of the long-cheated and the deprived. Thanks all ye for audience.

By Ahamed AI Adakwa(Com. Officer) Zabzugu.