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Opinions of Saturday, 2 September 2017

Columnist: Rachael Omeife

The black mentality; A Ghanaian syndrome

The sorry state of the Ghanaian society is just a reflection of "black mentality". One of the most potentially rich countries in Africa is 'Ghana'. However, this riches is evident only in raw materials and dream, leaving reality with much to be desired.

The black mentality connotes the thinking pattern of the Ghanaian, a condition where irresponsibility solves tedious task. This impedes innovation, promotes carelessness, corruption, ineptitude, clientelism and neo-patrimonialism.

Right before colonization, leaders gave up the task of gold refinery for mirror and exchanged vital human resources for a bottle of liquor. Colonialism was only possible when selfishness of chiefs abused patriotism. Here in Ghana, patriotism died a long time ago but have never been given a befitting burial due to 'clicheism' and illusive pledge of the word.

The black mind sacrifices public good for self interest. Culture is mostly an excuse to escape invention. While leaders blame citizens for a sick society, the latter also blames the former for same condition. When funds are embezzled by leaders, citizens are blamed for choosing wrongly. The question is this; How many choices have proven capable of emancipating Ghana from poverty?

Incumbent governments relentlessly collect stringent loans from developed nations with no clear cut mechanism of paying back during their tenure of office, thereby leaving such heavy task to future generations. Meanwhile, loans taken are used extravagantly and carefully manipulated into private accounts. It is unquestionable that Ghana is poor and would remain poor because her loans far outweighs her capital and her thinking capacity to generate revenue for liberation is 'weak' due to mentally ill equipped human resource - a flaw in her educational system.

If Unique Trust and Capital bank could have their assets ceased in the event of inability to meet principal capital, then Ghana should probably be confisticated by world bank.

Citizens on the other hand rely on government for jobs, three square meals a day, clean gutters, "fresh breath" etc. I am yet to see most Ghanaians using their skills for self advancement. Majority of the populace have simple visions; Go to school, get good grades and get secured in a comfortable office work.

In this respect, they bribe their ways through reputable institutions for appointment, irrespective of their areas of specialisation. It must be noted that, lack of specialisation is killing the country because we have too many visionless and useless people, working in various organizations. This is so not because they are inept, but they are just not suited for the "occupied space"

The black mentality would admit a student with aggregate 18 to study his desired course in a tertiary institution on the condition he foots huge bills, here, he is termed to be on fee paying. On the other hand, a student with aggregate 10 is denied equal opportunity - a total disregard to merit. As a result of this, a lot of University graduates have little knowledge in their areas of discipline. It is also worthwhile to note that, disciplines are created in universities with little or no institutions in the country in need of them, resulting in the unemployability of degree holders.

A black mentality would cause a nation to adopt majority of its constitutional provision from another country's neglecting its socio-politico difference from the latter; A condition resulting from a dysfunctional thinking capacity, hence the need for others to do the thinking.

Ghana can do better but would never emerge from worse in the presence of a backward mentality. Its either the black mentality kills Ghana or Ghana kills the black mentality. Only one can survive.

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