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Opinions of Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Columnist: Adjei Boakye

The ballot or the bullet

Opting for the bullet instead of the ballot comes with it own serious consequences Opting for the bullet instead of the ballot comes with it own serious consequences

As I'm going to murmur from the passageways of patriotism and harmony, I'll accept this open door to remind every single benevolent Ghanaian that, election 2020 is barely any days in front of us.

A day that we will practice our civic right and obligation.

The Political Activist Malcolm X said it truly well when he exhorted, "the Africa mainland has experienced imperialism and the guidelines of the oppressor. An injury has been made and it will require some investment to mend and our extraordinary grandkids will just observe the scar. In the mending cycle, we can't get rid of peace and patriotism. Peace is vital."

We are heading off to the pools as a nation on December Seventh, 2020. This political decision will be a genuine impression of the present status of undertakings, the soul of enthusiasm, and the harmony we need to appreciate as a nation in the coming years.

This is basic and crucial...the time to pick between two principle ideological groups whose official competitors have been attempted and tried. This is the time of past wonders, and what they can offer us later on.

An opportunity to pick between the Ballot or the Bullet. An opportunity to make your choice in peace or cut your life without blinking. The time frame to choose among peace and war. I actually consider this political decision as essential since this is an ideal opportunity to separate among populism and realism....and it's as yet a public exercise for peace and success.

This isn't an ideal opportunity to sing "We shall overcome" however it's an ideal opportunity to walk every one of our discussions to ensure we keep up peace. This can't be the hour of recognition singing and superfluous verbally abusing yet it's the correct opportunity to pick the Ballot, all for the sake of majority rule government.

Some of us are weary of these politically propelled guarantees from our bombed political pioneers. Yet, we can approach to display our resentment and disappointments through the Ballot.

A ton of us are tired of the craftiness and libertarian method of moving toward public issues.

The degree of disappointment and disarray in the framework is producing some pointless warmth and strain as though the current year's political race is a sink or swim affair. In all actuality, a specific scar has been made at the backside of our brains, yet this isn't an ideal opportunity to battle against one another.

We need some activity, truly, no two different ways about that....but we ought to as responsible residents, do it in an exceptionally democratic manner.

Any change that we have been lecturing for can be accomplished by means of the Ballot. We ought to do this so as to spur the more youthful age.

We the populace need to place at the top of the priority list that, anything otherwise will destabilise this Sovereign state. It's not a "freedom or demise" affair. Touchy political year related with empty guarantees and pseudo expectations, yet we should select the Ballot.

The present status of our development has exploited a great portion of us. However, the glad thing is, we can change any superfluous change through the Ballot......

The bullet isn't the proper thing to decide on. Something unlawful in nature which conflicts with our democratic-based settings shouldn't go on. Opting for this comes with its own serious consequences in this up and coming political decision. Notwithstanding the way that, the vast majority of us sound disappointed, we ought to put forth a valiant effort and contribute emphatically to our democracy.

We should consider the impact of the bullet on the country. How this can level the reason for hunger, destitution, chronic weakness care, and some more. Shouldn't something be said about the more youthful age? This is an ideal opportunity to ensure our benefits and their future.

The life of things to come is in our grasp, and it's dependent upon us to ensure it through quiet political decisions. Will beg the young, not to succumb to this pointless pressure...we shouldn't consider our stomach and now, however, we should consider a very long time in front of us. We shouldn't be deluded by any confused politician with no way of thinking...

This is an ideal opportunity to secure the nation and make it extraordinary and solid.