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Opinions of Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Columnist: Nana Ofori Kissi Ratina

The agony of Ghana under John Mahama

In the history of Ghana's politics, John Mahama is described as an inexorable President. He built for himself a government mercilessly characterized by an unwillingness to mollify government appointees who were deeply in love with corruption, mismanagement and democractic tyranny.

The various sectors of the economy under the stewardship of the Mahama led NDC government were deranged to the unendurable point.

The energy sector was characterized by "Dumsor" a local dialect which paved way for itself into the international books. Dumsor literally means blackout or lights out.

The dumsor canker led to the collapse of businesses because the reliance on petrol, diesel and gasoline to power industrial plants and other energy powering machines escalated the cost of production.

Hotels and Guest Houses faced the worst.

In fact, Dumsor was hell to all Ghanaians including ardent supporters of NDC.

It is worth noting that few months under the able stewardship of President Akufo-Addo, dumsor vanished.

The Banking Sector became a family treasury to the Mahama inclined family whereby any member of his family (extended or nuclear) at anytime, could go to secure any amount they so desired.

The cruel and barbarous deeds of Mahama's family at the banking and financial sector led to the collapse of Merchant Bank, UT Bank, Capital Bank etc.

It was under the watch of Mahama that the Cedi woefully lost its value to the external currencies.

The only flourishing enterprise under Mahama's stewardship was Treasury Bill.

The Agric sector was redundantly managed. The Mills-Mahama NDC government inherited a much booming Agricultural economy which was exporting close to 1 million tonnes of Cocoa, exporting yam and many traditional foodstuffs.

It was sad that few months in the reign of Mills-Mahama, the Cocoa Mass Spraying policy which was a catalyst in the booming cocoa production was stopped hence, the gradual fall in cocoa production.

John Mahama replaced Cocoa Production with Galamsey - an abator on Ghanaians.

The Road and Transport sector were the breeding grounds for massive corruption.

The cost of constructing a kilometer road in Ghana was twice and thrice higher compared to other African nations despite the availability and cheap raw materials.

Poor and whimsical road construction under the highlighted brand "sa pi te" was a more deceptive method of road construction.

Dzifa Attivor and the smart Smarty Bus Branding was a share calculative theft to milk Ghanaians.

Ghanaians bewailed extremely under John Mahama. It was therefore not surprising that the founder of NDC - H. E. JJ Rawlings, former President openly chastised the party and the government which is traced to his toil.

Ghanaians could not afford the cost of education, Ghanaians could not afford the cost of utilities, and could not afford the cost of basic needs of humanity.

Economic hardship that Ghanaians witnessed under John Mahama led to his shameful defeat in the 2016 elections.

Mahama once asserted that Ghanaians have short memory hence, his motivation to run the 2020 elections as NDC flagbearer.

I don't think Ghanaians have forgotten that Mahama gave them nothing but Dumsor, corruption, political insolence and democratic manipulators.

Ghana Must Not Sink Again

Never Again

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