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Opinions of Saturday, 16 December 2006

Columnist: Abubakar Abdulai

The Youth And Foreign Culture

Culture as it implies is away of life of a give society. This includes the language of the people; their philosophy, their learned and shared patterns of behaviors and understanding concerning the meaning, judgments on the value of things, ideas, emotions and actions. We are born into our culture we cannot ignore it. However, we are expected to inculcate our culture to the other youth around the world. So whenever our cultural values and norms are pass on from one nation to another, the cultural heritage of our country will be sustained.

If we cast our mind into our own country, there are so many tribes, and each tribe has its own cultural. Some of the cultural values are alike while others are different. Some cultural practice of the Akans is similar to that of the Gas, Ewes, Dagombas and etc. These similarities we see in different cultures make us Ghanaians. So we the youth tend to learn from different communities so as to become socialize wherever we are found in or outside the country. There is the need for one nation to learn about the cultural values of another nation in other to fit in one nation whenever the need arises. But how are we attracting the youth of other countries to learn our traditions and cultural values? We Ghanaian really have a rich cultural heritage?

We the youth should not let fear become the boundaries of our dreams but we must note that until we spread our wings, we will have no idea as to how we can fly. So we the youth, must learn other cultures to enhance our living in other continents. By the contest of this process, we will have access to foreign cultures and meet different kinds of people. We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it for a long time. So let start know.

To enable our cultural values to function well, socio-cultural practices are set to address the challenges, problems and needs of the time. Because society does not remain the same but keeps on changing, some of the practices must also under go some changes. It is the light of this that the youth of today are calling for re-examination of certain practices which include the concepts, usage and ways of life in which people in a given society believes and practices them which affect their life. The youth in respect of these act might be defile. These practices may include believes, norms, festivals, rituals and rites. Part of these practice have become outmoded due to modern civilization and have been realized that it does not promote social development. We must see to it that some of these practices are abolished because it hinders the life of the youth and human in general.

Some practices that must be abolished may include female genital mutilation, by some ethnic groups in Northern Ghana. In this practice the clitoris of the female organ is cut off during the tender age. If this practice should continue then the youth are in danger and female or girls are the most vulnerable. But people tend to explain this act as a way of discouraging the youth from having sex.

But this is rather evil and is very painful in reality and in imagination and as a result bleeds to death. These practices must be abolished so as to enable the youth to learn foreign cultures. There are many things in life that will catch our eyes but, only a few will attract us, so let purse this to learn other foreign cultures with our heart but not only to witness them. Also we must do everything possible to preserve our cultural heritage.

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