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Opinions of Sunday, 8 November 2009

Columnist: Agbozo, Enoch Immanuel A.

The Vision And Mission Of Transgression (Part I)

Enoch Immanuel A. Agbozo

We developed a deep love and passion for the LORD JESUS CHRIST because of His love and passion, dedicated exploits and the sacrifice of His life for the reconciliation of the world, for the salvation, healing and deliverance of peoples, for the redemption and restoration of glory to the human race. We noted also that, Jesus has further plans for the establishment of a heavenly ordered government and kingdom marked by peace, righteousness, judgement, justice, equity and joy in the knowledge of God on earth.

Indeed, CHRIST JESUS had worked and is still working towards a state of PEACE on EARTH and GOODWILL towards MEN for the world. Indeed, Jesus Christ went about doing good, raising high the life of peace, happiness, joy and hope of man and creation. And He sealed all things with the sacrifice of His life on the CROSS.

CHRIST’S vision and mission and dedicated sacrificial life for the good of peoples and nations caught my child spirit and fancy at an early age in the forties (40s). When Nkrumah appeared on the scene in Gold Coast’s march towards colonial emancipation. I likened him to Christ. He was young, zealous and dedicated to the emancipation of Africa. I took to him pretty fast. In 1950, we wrote a child like poem on Nkrumah, on the line of Benjamin R. Hanby’s hymn on Jesus Christ - “WHO IS HE IN YONDER STALL….”

We followed Nkrumah with admiration and adoration. As the Lord would have it, we had the privilege of serving in the then Development Secretariat of Prime Minister Nkrumah’s office in 1955. My office was two doors or so away from Nkrumah’s at the then Secretariat.

However, Nkrumah’s Dawn Broadcast in 1961 which led to the side-stepping of K. A. Gbedemah and Kojo Botsio in Nkrumah’s CPP Government of the First Republic jolted my trust of the man. When later in 1962, the CPP Government first austere budget brought much debate in parliament and country, Nkrumah denounced the public debate on the budget and swore hell and fire for those he described as “budget politicians” engaged in the debate. According to Nkrumah, the government would use the power of the state, government and party to crush the budget politicians to their inevitable doom. It may be remembered that the Kulungugu episode came a few days after the 1962 CPP congress in Kumasi.

We saw then the emergence of Nkrumah the dictator and ruthless ruler. We withdrew our support for the CPP. Later in the sixties, our disenchantment with Nkrumah and CPP became well-known on Legon Campus. As student leader, Legon Hall President and SRC Secretary my disenchantment with Nkrumah was a subject of contention to the CPP and CPP elements on campus. In the meanwhile our passion for the liberation and reconstruction of Africa rose to heights. We wrote a book on Africa. Early 1965 the Lord God Jehovah began to reveal to me His disapproval of and pending fall of Nkrumah and his government.

At the time though our love and passion for Jesus Christ was still strong we were not any serious practitioner of the faith. To be precise, we had backslided. It took the mighty hand of God to bring us back to the fold and ultimately to the ministry with definite commission later as apostle-prophet to church and nations. We were burdened and commissioned with the reconciliation, redemption, reconstruction and establishment of Ghana as Christian Nation, Beulah Land, a nation and people Holy unto God in His Kingdom Order on earth.

The Lord God Jehovah’s vision and mission and commandment to the Ghana Evangelical Society (GES) of which we were the leader is to reconcile, deliver, set free and redeem Ghana from the power of Satan, and the Satan-man kingdom order. The Society was charged with the establishment of Ghana as nation and people married and made Holy unto God under the banner of Jesus Christ and His Kingdom Order on earth. Is. 62 is the key scripture for the special mission. Ghana, a model nation of Christ (Messianic) government and kingdom order for Africa is the Divine passion passed on to GES.

It was during the battle for Ghana that the Spirit of the Lord revealed to us the nature and extent of captivity of nations and peoples in the hands of Satan and men. This on the whole is responsible for the ways of evil and the state of darkness and death, hopelessness and futility for the human race. Religion, tradition and culture in Africa have been dictated and dominated by the Satan-man wicked alliance.

To be sure, we have had to fight against spirits, powers and systems of oppression and exploitation, corruption and injustice, conflicts, violence and wars in the country. Indeed, we have been standing in the gap since the 70’s to prevent political tyranny, unrighteous and wicked works, and foreign dominion and control of Ghana’s political economy.

THE VISION and MISSION of TRANSGRESSION (Part II) Enoch Immanuel A. Agbozo It is very revealing and instructive in this direction the special spiritual moves and control system set in place to keep the country under Nkrumah, the CPP and satanic powers. In the light of this, the Society has been engaged with incessant battles against satanic forces and powers of political control of the nation. In the course, we had had to undertake a special battle at Nkroful and Axim to deal with what the Lord God Jehovah described as ‘THE ACCURSED THING’ in the land. On one occasion, we also had to deal with a satanic power force set in place at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle at its construction. Many a fetish priest, chief, politician and religious guru including some so-called pastors, prophets and mallams engage in and resort to all kinds of means for power of oppression and control of peoples and affairs of country.

There was in this respect Nkrumah’s adventure with atheistic-Marxist-Leninist-Socialism and so-called Africanism with its blood sacrifices, sorcery and all to gain and retain controlling power over the nation. We have also had to deal with witchcraft and blood sacrifices, the resort to powers on land and sea, rivers and lagoons, stones, trees and reptiles common in life and politics in Africa.

We can therefore declare without any fear of controversy that it is THE MOST HIGH GOD WHO REJECTED NKRUMAH and BROUGHT HIS FALL, never to rise again as spirit force and power over the destiny of Ghana, The die has been cast long ago. It is settled in heaven. There can be no resurrection of Nkrumah or any being for that matter to take charge of the spirit, fortunes and destiny of Ghana. Our God reigns!!

May we mention nevertheless that God is not unaware of Nkrumah’s contribution and works towards the nation. But what shall it profit nation and people if Ghana prospers and grows in gold, treasure and might but stand and remain in condemnation and captivity under the combined tragedy and woes of Satan-man control and the wrath and judgment of God.

For example, we had the privilege once to attend in the spirit an exhibition of the works of Nkrumah in Geneva, Switzerland. The good and worthy works of Nkrumah and the CPP are worthy of analysis and follow-up. There is for example the Local Government system drawn up by E. O. Asafu-Adjaye, a scholar, first Ghana High Commissioner to the UK who later became a minister in Nkrumah’s government at home. This was a revelation from Nkrumah himself to me in the spirit.

The truth is that, God had His hand on the Gold Coast long before Nkrumah came on the scene. There were great men, visionaries and active players too aside from Nkrumah. Dr. Danquah for his part had great ideas for the country. The Spirit of the Lord led me to discover the importance of Danquah’s ideas for the country and Africa. His and others equally deserve attention and special study.

That is to say, Nkrumah was not alone in making Ghana great. He led the pack of great men except that in his attempt to preserve his claims and hold on the country he took to Satanic rebellion, human wisdom, political craftiness of African and foreign origin. This was against God’s plan for and destiny of Ghana and Africa. These led to his rejection, fall and death.

Now the reconciliation, deliverance and redemption of Ghana that took place between the 70s and year 2000 has resulted in the creation and establishment of A NEW GHANA with a totally different spiritual base, design and glory. The Ghana Beulah Land of God Kingdom Glory now before the world is far from the Ghana Empire of old (Ghana I) and Ghana II of the Nkrumah era. God cannot share his glory with man, dead or living in His new creation, Ghana III, given the new name Beulah Land, the New Jerusalem. (Is. 62: 3-5, 11-12).

Any attempt therefore to return the country to the Nkrumah era and to redesignate Nkrumah as father of Ghana is A Vision and Mission of Transgression against God Almighty and Ghana. Jehovah is THE GOD and REDEEMER, KING, LORD and FATHER of the nation. Such an adventure will be futile anyway, there shall be inevitable repercussions. To honour Nkrumah as the father of Ghana is to reject God and His Christ and the reconciliation, deliverance and redemption that Christ has wrought to make Ghana a nation and people of God, Beulah Land and Star of Africa. There can be no turning back.

Glory to God in the Highest. Amen!!

October 19, 2009