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Opinions of Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

The Untimely Passing of President Mills is Shocking and Regrettable

Barely had I arrived at work, sat behind my computer to begin work when my wife phoned to inform me of the passing of President Mills. For a moment, I was quiet, lost for words and could feel a cold chill descend my spine. I could not believe my ears; my eyes began to well up with tears. Although majority of Ghanaians with me knew the Late President Mills was sick, I never expected him to die that early.

The late President Mills has made that ultimate journey that no human being can escape. I pray that he finds peace with God and rests in the bosom of his Maker until we all do meet.

I extend my condolences to the entire bereaved family – Mrs Naadu Mills, his son and brothers and sisters. My condolences again go to the NDC party of which he was a leader, the people of Ekumfi where he was the son of the soil, and to all Ghanaians of whom he was our President.

Rockson Adofo