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Opinions of Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Columnist: Amponsah, Joyce

The Story Of A CIA Secret Political Project:


‘Those who spit at the sky will soil their face’, as an African proverb says. Only on Saturday 7th April 2012, while Ghanaians became so much enthused by the visit of Samia Yaba Nkrumah to the Korle-Bu Teaching hospital as part of expressing her love and concern for the sick and poor, the supposed National General Secretary of a newly established political party which is registered and solely financed by Kwesi Nduom, failed in an attempt to attack the National Chairperson and Leader of the Convention Peoples Party (CPP) for having answered a question posed to her by an interviewee of a radio station where she was purported to have answered accurately that “Nduom’s exit has been necessary to the refinement and rebirth of the CPP”.

This article intends to bring out factual analysis of the outcome, effect and possible future trends of the effort by Hon Samia Yaba Nkrumah to purge the ranks and file of the party from Danquah-Busia moles and reformists who voluntarily had to leave the party to follow the person whose sole wealth has become the main motivation for them to have defected. There will be, later in the last of the series, a vivid introspection of leaked financial and managerial dossier of some businesses allegedly owned by Kwesi Nduom; 1st National Savings and Loans Bank, GoldCoast Securities and Coconut Groove Regency Hotel, respectively. This will not exclude an alleged sexual exploits by one of his managers on prospective employees.

The first of the series shall review the steps which the leader of PPP used into luring non-active members of the CPP into believing that he is to rule Ghana either by accident or fraud in 2012 and to further assume he could outwit the same Ghanaians who outwitted him during the 2008 elections where he scored the most ridiculous electoral votes in the history of CPP. Lucky for him in 2008, Samia Nkrumah arrived from Italy to give him a parliamentary seat without his support and remarkably ignoring the advice of Nduom to campaign skirt and blouse: a very common feature of Nduom and a possible character of the PPP to raise funds. When Dr. Nduom arrived from the United States of America, some adherents of the CPP like Okwetere Berkwin and others thought that he is the man to follow since he claimed he was very rich; richness of which its primary source had come from his fraudulent deals through the most dubious consultancy arrangement with the State Enterprises Commission where he dribbled Rawlings, Totobi Kwakye and others into believing he could salvage the NDC by helping through advice on selling state enterprises many of which were established by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

Before Kwesi Nduom screamed through his PR’s in the media that “Stop Calling me CPP aspirant especially those in the media” on December 2008, his immediate motivation for the formation of the PPP had been foreseen by the current leadership of the CPP and its formative process had been catalysed when some of the corrupt and disloyal members felt that in the most likely event, if Samia becomes the leader of the CPP then Kwesi Nduom’s wealth will not dictate to the party and also most likely that he would be exposed for his financial crime against Ghana, considering also his uncontested desire of protecting the course of the United States. In further to assume that he could exploit the immense good-will Samia has brought to the CPP, Kwesi Nduom launched his campaign for President on a CPP platform which he later had to rescind his ambition. The Party ensured that his tricks failed this time, especially having done a proper due diligence on his past records, discovered his hatred against Dr. Kwame Nkrumah (founder of CPP and Ghana), his close protection by the United States and suddenly making a u-turn to exploit the goodwill that Samia’s election has brought to the CPP in order that he could raise monies abroad using Samia’s name.

The remote motivation for the formation of the PPP is part of a grand design by imperialist countries to develop counter-revolutionary tactics to suppress either Islamic extremism or socialist organisation from growing in such naturally resourced and endowed developing countries like Ghana. The basic and unchangeable underpinning factor is to protect their interest. Black-skinned, elite and middle class elements are covertly recruited either self-consciously or subtly unknown to him to undergo indoctrination for the purpose of future political or investor missions in targeted countries through infiltration and monetary inducement. Such programs have been exposed by several progressive researchers on security and international relations. However these special programs have maturity periods. For they change in tactics but always leave traces which are highly difficult tfor them to obliterate. These traces become evidence of the true political character, exposing their true interest, whether for the masses or just for self-glorification after diverting all the monies to themselves.

One typical example is how, paradoxically, Kwesi Nduom with such undisputed character of amassing wealth to himself through exploitation and naked-profiteering from poor tomato sellers at Makola would spend most of his political career dangling with the CPP-a socialist party for the masses. He therefore creates a parallel political organisation which is ideological opposed to those of the CPP’s Nkrumaist ideology. Hoping that with time his parallel organisation would mature after years of recruiting innocent men and women into the parallel organisation for full capturing of the victim political party, CPP, or adopt the original alternative; thinking that a defection of the parallel organisation will crash the CPP.

His intent was to subvert and overthrow the party of which, today, he is currently deeply struggling to achieve this time after his exit from the Party. His fondness for exploiting through naked-private profiteering has been a clear manifestation of strong capitalist-inclination. Nkrumaist seeks to ensure state-led market economy where the dominant production and management of resources are owned and managed respectively by Ghanaians. Yet Nduom thought that state enterprises would be better sold to foreign cronies and Ghanaian elites which later did not lead to any structural transformation of our economy…………Read more of the continuation of the first of the series.

Joyce Amponsah Esq.

( Awake Ghana Campaign)