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Opinions of Monday, 19 May 2014

Columnist: Ayeboafo, Yaw Awuah Boadu

The Senchi “Puff” Consensus in Perspective

Solving the daily problems facing Ghanaians cannot be fixed by old economic lectures and media puffs. Neither do we need rocket scientist or supper humans to save our situation. How does the 22 point Senchi “PUFF” practically solves the problems we face?

Practically, when is the Ghanaian getting a workable government that gets the problem solved through the following common ideas?

1. Cutting down drastically cost and the traffic jams caused by presidential convoys largely because of one man one car?

2. Cutting unnecessary cost on uncountable meetings that recycle the old unworkable solutions?

3. Cutting down the number of unnecessary ministries and ministers who get paid but get nothing done?
4. Stopping touching on everything but getting nothing workable or achieved? Your examples could be good as mine.
5. Submitting to the laws of the state as first citizens?

6. Taking responsibility for the positions they offer themselves to be elected into?

7. Stopping blaming the hardworking citizens, the peasant farmers, the market men and women, the truck pushers, the street venders, the grassroots, and our unfortunate mass-illiterate brothers and sisters for their deplorable living conditions which they elect and pay them to fix?

8. When will our government stop making the hardworking Ghanaian and the hard-hit of their poor leadership the sacrificial lambs and as the perpetrators of the unacceptable national productivity?

9. We hear government intends to cut the labour bill, indeed, how many people do the government of Ghana employ?

10. Is cost of labour the cause of the problems we face in Ghana or rather a myopic government whose interest is to concentrate our little resources in the pockets of the privileged few at the top?

11. When will the government we elect have get the right diagnoses and real focus to serve the people?

12. When will the government we elect irrespective of the political party focus on the basis-a strong food producing country, capable of feeding its citizens through massive investment in our ever traditional agricultural sector yet the backbone of the economy?

The time is nearer for a massive vent or display of the discontent of the grassroots for the unacceptable and deplorable living conditions handed upon them by the very people they repose their confidence in through elections to solve the problems.

It would not matter what political party one belongs, religion or faith, ethnicity, geography or where you one lives. The people would rise up in unity in response to the common deprivation and indignities they witness or share together their everyday lives as Ghanaians.

The smoke screen or bubble created by the myopic or self-centred politician would be punched. The politician would no longer be able to hide behind or exploit our diversity in opinions, ideas and above all our ethnicity to cover his or her incompetence, ineptitude, greediness and lack of commitment to the common Ghanaian good. The cynics may call this populism! But this response would be giving true meaning to majority rule.

Sooner rather than later, Ghanaians would demand a true government which could give practical solutions to the above twelve questions among others by assembling and coordinating a team of twelve or so dedicated TRUE CITIZENS to think but not at the comfort of The Royal Senchi Resort but rather at their respective offices in giving clear manifestation and commitment to truly solving the problems we face.

Yaw Awuah Boadu Ayeboafo,, Tepa-Ashanti