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The Security Agencies In Bawku And The Criminals
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Opinions of Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Columnist: Wuni, Ras Iddi

The Security Agencies In Bawku And The Criminals

- Who Is Who?

The heavy security in Bawku and its environs following the shooting to death of three persons over the weekend (Friday Oct 18 and Saturday Oct 19, 2013), is a good news though cosmetic in my view. Hey, that is not to say it is needless. But what i really believe is that the security agencies (Police/Military) can do better than this kind of deceptive, desperate and ineffective protection of life and property.

What is even laughable, with all due respect, is the so-called regional security meeting to be held on Monday to deal with the security situation in the town as indicated by the Bawku Divisional Police Commander. This ritual has been going on and on any time there is an incident like this and only God knows what positive results comes out of such meetings with regard to apprehending the perpetrators of the evil acts.

It would be recalled that a few months ago (Early this year if my memory is right), one Amando was shot dead in similar situation and up to date nothing has been done by way of apprehending the criminals. No one, i mean the authorities concerned, also finds it is necessary to keep updating the good people of Bawku about what the security agencies are doing on that issue and how far they have gone in their effort to arrest those criminals. At least, if the people of Bawku do not deserve to know, the family of the victim deserve to know and be assured that the security agencies are not sleeping on the matter.

A few days ago, thus on Friday night one person was shot dead and two others injured at Sagabo in Bawku by an unidentified man. Another person was also shot in his home at Possum also in Bawku on Saturday night by assailants. A 55 years old man, Osmanu Inusah, was shot on Saturday night. According to the Police, the shooting incidents are not linked to the protracted conflicts in the area. Well, i believe and i am sure many of the good people of Bawku are not interested in that. What the people are interested in is, (1) Would the police be able to apprehend those evil criminals. (2) Are the people safe? (3) When would the police/military declare "war" against those evil criminals and boldly take necessary measure to eradicate them?

Divisional Police Commander Chief Superintendent Ebenezer Kwaku Asare told Joy News they are on high alert to get the perpetrators. That is good to hear but how are they doing that and how long are they prepared to do that till they get the criminals? Much as i personally believe that we the people must take responsibility for such senseless happenings in out communities, i strongly also believe that the security agencies are not doing much to protect life and property. What happened a few days ago could have easily turned into ethnic war and again it would have been that, Mamprusis and Kusasis are fighting. Is that the only thing those two major tribes in Bawku are capable of doing? I believe no. Do they like to fight each other? I believe no. Would they fight each other? I believe yes only when they can not get security and protection from the police/military. Only when they lose confidence in the security agencies. Only when they cannot take it any longer. So, should all of us sit up and work to avoid such a situation? YES we must!

On this note, i would like to urge the security agencies to sit up and take the fight to the criminals and not wait for the Mamprusis and Kusasis to start any nonsensical conflict because each one believes the other one is responsible for these wicked killings of innocent people with impunity. I would also like to urge the Government to take necessary and agent steps to reactivate the peace talks between all the ethnic tribes in group. The concerns of the Mamprusis which is the reason why they suspended their involvement in the Inter-Ethnic Peace Committee's engagement, should not be ignored or dismissed. Efforts must be made by the authorities (all those who matters), to get the Mamprusis back to the peace room.

May God bless Bawku with good leaders who would be genuine with the people, work with them and for them.

Long live Bawku!

Iddi Wuni Jnr. iddiwuni@yahoo.com

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