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Opinions of Saturday, 1 December 2012

Columnist: Klatsi, Joe

The Root Cause of Corruption is Fear and Ego

Ego is a derivative of fear and fear is the opposite of love. Fear is the most fundamental problem we have as human being. Almost everything we do is derived from fear. Our needs, our wants and our insecurities are all derived from fear. Clearly the root cause of corruption is fear.
What is the cause of fear? Fear is just high entropy information system. Entropy is a measure of disorder. High entropy means high disorder. Disorganized information does bad work, bad work creates unhappiness and unhappiness harvests fear. Just have disorganized information and you will do very bad at work or on examination etc.
Love, the opposite of fear is a low entropy information system. Organized information does good work, good work brings happiness, bliss breeds love. In second law of thermodynamics (Physics) systems does good work at low entropy and we human beings are systems.
Someone will say what does physics have to do with love? From above it is clear that love and physics is the same thing with different understanding because of the language employed. Language is just symbols and metaphors.
Let us take population of people from two villages (Village “A” & “B”) in Ghana and each with 1000 people.
Let say village “A” have citizens who comes together to help to rebuild a neighbors flood damaged or burnt home and bring smiles into victims faces. Moreover, village “A” citizens share resources within themselves according to individual efforts base on given opportunities.
Let village “B” with citizens that does the opposite of village “A” where some citizens even burn their neighbors home or business to eliminate competition. Some will even say what is in it for me if I help the victims. Eventually village “B” will have very few that have almost everything and the rest work to feeds them.
Which of the above villages have high entropy or fear and hence corruption?
Some Definitions of Corruption
In philosophical, theological, or moral discussions, corruption is spiritual or moral impurity or deviation from an ideal. In economy, corruption is payment for services or material which the recipient is not due, under law. This may be called bribery, kickback,. In government it is when an elected representative makes decisions that are influenced by vested interest rather than their own personal or party ideological beliefs. In Politics, corruption is the use of power by government officials for illegitimate private gain.
Present experience, as well as an accurate account of the world past events show that organized Religion, Power Politics and Cultural believes are at forefront corruption. Most of the World’s corrupt conduct has been committed by a combination of all three working together- religious and cultural believes in the service of power politics. The manipulation of religious and cultural believes (exploiting ignorance and ego- common fears, beliefs and desires) to gain economic, personal, professional and political advantage is a common story of any student of History and current affairs.
These three in various combinations, seems to be at root of the corruptions in the world as far as history can see- and as far as into the future as anyone dare to guess.
Do you agree or disagree?
Don’t quickly just jump to a conclusion that make you feel good, supports your beliefs, and reduces your discomfort. Use your knowledge and courage ( Open Minded Skepticism) to look around the world; the look at yourself, your community, your neighborhood and office. Pull your old country and world history textbook and take another look. Gather your comparative data- then taste the desert. Accept no one’s opinion; come to your own well-studied conclusion.
Open Minded Skepticism (OMS) yields a big picture thinking that help concepts defined, possibilities raised, new perspectives raised, old conclusions re-evaluated, and goofy ideas debunked.
Best wishes for violence free election in Ghana and I will like everyone know that we are all victims of a believe ( cultural, religious, objective science) trap. Believe which breeds fear and ego ( fear and ego are the primary generators of divisiveness and confusion) are the only ties that can bind a mind and while unconditional love and OMS can set it free. A body may be enslaved by others while a mind can only be enslaved by itself.
Individuals and/or groups can make the corruption accusations for centuries but that will not solve corruption problems. A paradigm shift by virtue of employing OMS to unconditionally LOVE in Ghana, Africa and the rest of the world is the only way corruption that is growing a long grey beard can be rooted out

By: Joe Klatsi, FAA A&P, BSc.AE, MSc.AE
(Aviation & Aerospace and Big Picture Science Researcher)