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Opinions of Friday, 2 January 2009

Columnist: Aka-eri, Francis Aka-ebila

The Risk Of An NDC Government

Even from the outside, things seem to look good for the National Democratic Congress. But the question is; how different would an Atta Mills presidency really be from a failed JJ Rawlings Administration – especially, with more of the same corrupt, power drunk and incompetent political players on their side? The truth is that the NDC government simply run out of innovative ideas and recklessly lost control of Ghana's economy - while in office. Inflation galloped and the Ghanaian currency was worthless. Businesses could not operate, simply because they could hardly budget. The price of food and everything else went through the roof in Ghana. And yet, here we are giving them the nod again to lead.

Perhaps, we the Ghanaian electorate is to blame for some of these failed political systems that retard our own progress. Instead of the issues that affect our lives and beloved nation, we tend to throw our loyalty behind poorly defined but colour-rich political parties. Quite easily, we pride ourselves to be hard-core loyalist, even without a clear knowledge of our politicians and the political parties they run.

If we are not naïve, then maybe we are just being recklessly insane with the real handling of our country and what we have and that would cost us dearly. In fact, as president, Atta Mills would only be effective, if he appoints his cabinet from true patriots and not cronies of the NDC. If he does, then he would stand the chance of another term. If not, then there is much to believe that an independent candidate could become the next president of the Republic of Ghana.

Frankly, the risk of an NDC government is not Rawlings. It lies in the attitude of those in the helm of affairs, as they selfishly occupy ministerial posts - without crystal clear ideas of how they would achieve our collective goal of growth and sustainable development as a competitive nation.

Flaunt with words, they highly pride themselves as the think tanks and the big guns of the National Democratic Congress, even as the cannon balls they fire can hardly eradicate the mosquitoes of Nima. Personally, Atta Mills is a decent and humble man, who would most properly be a good leader. His vice presidential pick, is also well equipped and effective, knowing him during my childhood days in Northern Ghana. Nevertheless, the bad nuts of the NDC clearly outweigh the good. And that is the problem.

How would they truly govern? And what would they really do with the old nocturnal NDC rats that dug into our national coffers before? Would they too - be cordially invited to dine and wine with our next president? If so, then it is indeed high time, we start work on some potent rodenticide in Ghana. What would our legal system look like? Can we trust the NDC to allow them the freedom to honestly practice the law without any interference? If that happens, it would mean that the NDC has indeed learned a lesson from its sinful past. That apart, the media could as well suffer - without press freedom. For the NDC like the NPP is simply not good enough for Ghana. Except that Ghanaians had to choose between two evils and that is the hardest choice to ever make on this planet.

Fellow Ghanaians, please let us talk real clear politics with due respect to one another for the common good of our country and let our thumbs do the pretty walk. Do not despair in times like this - when the wrong person is in office. For the God of Africa would quicken the days for you to make a better choice for a much better Ghana.

Author: Francis Aka-ebila Aka-eri,