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Opinions of Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Columnist: Adzokpe, Jonathan

The Realities of Life After School

...What Are Readers Saying?

Just a few hours into its launch where participants who made their way to the launching premises got a touch of the book, lots of feedback and reviews, testimonies and how the book keeps transforming lives and changing minds have been coming from enthusiastic readers.

Here's a brief snapshot of what some readers have been saying are ways the book has helped them. And we choose to keep our readers who sent in their reviews and testimonies anonymous. Thus, we use their initials.

1. "I started connecting my dreams to each other. Initially, each dream was an island on its own. Each month I set a target on how much I want to save a day either a Cedi or two Cedis. I was saving but I didn't know for what. After reading, I started connecting them to my future dreams. Two things I love about the book are that it shows the reader practical steps, and the ideas are pragmatic and realistic." ~ B.A.

2. "I have actually read it a third time and each time I feel I'm already in the real world and achieving my dreams... Useful??? It's too small a word to use, maybe something extra USEFUL... Thank you very much for your inspiration. You have really been a good Samaritan to me. The book has helped me change my ways of doing things as I am in my final year, and it has really boosted my confidence...I am very enthused over the book..." ~ Y.D.A.

3. "The book is wonderful and amazing. It has taught me to plan my life. And now I know how to plan my life and is going so well." ~ E.A.

4. "I have read writings of some authors in Ghana, I must say some of the best. I cannot be too economical with the truth than to say that you’re worth your salt and that you rock shoulders with the bosses. The level of maturity exhibited in explaining your points with clear cut realistic examples is profound. Your humility also comes to bear in many of your illustrations as you relate how you personally dealt with some situations." ~ I.A.

5. "Following every detailed instruction in the book, I am blessed to report that with patience and determination, I have passed my driving test on the third trial. My greatest motivation was the statement that, 'Looking for a job is a job.' The least I can do is to let you know how this book has been a blessing to me." ~ K.T.

The Realities of Life After School is written by Jonathan Adzokpe. The book is written for students and graduates who are normally caught off-guard and inadequately prepared for life after school. The book is written to give every student and graduate a feel of what the real world looks like after school, what to do to manage life's uncertainties, the tools needed to take advantage of opportunities out there, and how best to position oneself for take-off.

In less than two months since its launch, the book has sold close to 1000 copies. This incredible sale is not just record-breaking, but attests to the value the book has offered readers who have recommended it to their own friends, family, and loved ones.

Are you a student or graduate? Do you feel anxious about the future? Are you out of school and have tried all you can to land a job but to no avail? Do you want to pursue further studies, especially abroad, but find the process overwhelming? Are your finances in shambles? This is a must-read for you. Kindly call +233 244 962 930 for your printed copy in Ghana. If you're anywhere around the world, you can get the Kindle edition of the book on Amazon by following this link...