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Opinions of Monday, 23 May 2011

Columnist: Damoa, Adreba Kwaku Abrefa

The Rawlingses Decry Eating Some of Their Own ‘Vomit’

S? wo to adu b?ne a ebi ka w’ano – Anyone who sows a bad seed is more than likely to eat of its fruit. John Rawlings and his wife are today crying foul over the use of insults, lies, bullies and intimidation by their intra-party John Mills’ camp opponents in a race for who leads the National Kleptocratic Congress. The tutorials of smear, name-calling, lies, deceit, bullying and intimidation that John Rawlings took his NDC through are what he and his wife are taking back today from none but his most beloved son J E A Mills in whom he has always been well pleased. As President Reagan said “they aren’t seen nothing yet”. The worst is yet to come.

John Rawlings, like Adolf Hitler is indeed the epitome of demagoguery in contemporary Ghanaian politics. In reference to Hitler’s successful rise to power through appeals to the ethnic and nationalistic prejudices and vanities of the German people that saw his Nazi Party drive Germany into the Second World War, John Rawlings has followed the same track to a looming doom for the Ghanaian people with a concoction of vicious ideas from Gadhafi and Castro. The self-same people who traded in lies and insults etc by the use of any casuistry imaginable to laude him with misplaced honours as a “Jesus” descended in Ghana, hailed and applauded John Rawlings and his gangsters in 1979 are rising against his selfish scheming encroachment to entrenching himself and his family into a sort of constitutional monarchy as exists in North Korea, Cuba and Togo. With these visible and audible trends unfolding, the apparently immovable “Great Birnam wood is onto High Dunsnine” indeed rising up against a monstrous monster. Many were the Ghanaian Sages whose fatidical expressions of concern about their discerned ambitions of a shiftless, improvident and spoilt-child rebel-inclined mixed race soldier, yet these concerns were misconstrued as made by disgruntled greedy and selfish nation wreckers. This reminds me of a statement I read expressing the sentiments of then aging Erich Ludendorff, who was for some time a strong supporter of the early rise of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany. After learning of Hitler's appointment as Chancellor, he expressed his disappointment to German President Paul von Hindenburg as follows: "By appointing Hitler Chancellor of the Reich, you have handed over our sacred German Fatherland to one of the greatest and most mischievous demagogues of all time. I prophesy to you this evil man will plunge our Reich into the abyss and will inflict immeasurable woe on our nation. Future generations will curse you in your grave for this action." A similar execration awaits the Baah-Achamfuors and Boakye Djans et al and it is hoped that they have now bowed their heads in shame and disappointment to the people of Ghana.

It is rather fascinating to note that the same Machiavellian demagoguery that was employed to justify all the atrocities that they committed have been injected back into the veins of their original makers including the Rawlingses who are now crying foul. Hmm! Our ancients were discerning and philosophical enough by stating pertinent issues succinctly by way of proverbs such as: “?k?t? de? ne bo dw?, nyanyankyer? de? ?nk?” - Crucify the crab but set the scorpion free; “S? y?nka nni w’akyi a wo se agor? yi y? d? – When a gossip is about someone else, it is enjoyed as good enough melodious music. So, this time John Rawlings of all liars and murderers, indeed a pseudologue is complaining about John Mills’ camp telling lies to a section of the NDC and Ghanaian public to his discredit; he has the guts to complain about bullying and intimidation because certain events in their rough and dirty in-fighting campaign go against his wife’s supporters. Upon just superficially studying some of the statements made by deadly anarchist Rawlings and his cohorts in relation to their Gadhafi-syndrome Machiavellian mind-set, I have these listed below for readers to throw some light on what the Rawlingses take Ghanaians to be:

1. Some groups of people are simply too inferior and easily gullible, fit to be made our tools to reach our ends.

2. In getting what we want, it is always necessary to use force against others who hold opposing views.

3. It’s ok if we the Rawlingses alone have more of a chance in life than others.
4. To get ahead in our life ambitions as over-lords of Ghana, it is necessary to step on other persons.
5. If certain people or groups were eliminated or stayed in their place or were ‘crippled’, we the Rawlingses, in our bid to be Ghana’s untouchables would have fewer problems.
6. It’s a good thing that we the Rawlingses are at the top and others are at the bottom to be used as manipulative tools to remain servile to us; by so-doing they will be kept in their place.
7. Let us preach group/ethnic equality on the surface but practice personal and selective inequality as we remain on the top hierarchy with ethnic positive discrimination as our core agenda.
8. Some groups have had more than equal chance in life so let us bring them down by preaching hatred against them just by telling the gullible that we can equalise their conditions with others even without them toiling.
9. We would have fewer problems if we hand out food and cash tokens as a way of treating people more equally.
10. We should preach against group and ethnic dominance in society but promote others into dominance.

Considering the tale of lies and deceit used by the kleptomaniac regime created by John Rawlings whose selfish and egoist tendencies surpass all others imaginable, most of the above if not all apply to his thoughts and thinking.
My war on John Rawlings and the entire Rawlingses go beyond their outlined portraits hence I would want readers to learn and appreciate what most probable guerdon that lays in wait for their misdeeds could be because as it is said ‘whatever goes around comes around’ is a factual saying therefore I have provided below a list of a few historical figures in demagoguery, where it took their followers and how they ended.
Adolf Hitler led the Nazi party to power in Germany by appeals to ethnic pride and conspiracy theories that blamed Jews for the nation's economic troubles. He instituted government control over the news media, and used his charisma and great oratorical skills to lead Germany into a war aimed at expanding its territory that gave rise to the Second World War. John Rawlings’ rise to power is best compared with Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in all aspects as he sought to spread the Other Ranks governance across the West African sub-Region, evident in Sierra Leone with Fode Sankoh, Burkina Faso with Sankara and Liberia with Sergeant Doe etc.
Alcibiades convinced the people of Athens to attempt to conquer Sicily during the Peloponnesian War that ended in disaster. He led the Athenian assembly to support making him commander by claiming not only that victory would come easily but also by appealing to Athenian vanity and appealing to action and courage over deliberation. Down memory lane, both 4th June 1979 and 31st December 1981 have been disastrous even to the knowledge and appreciation of his alleluia praise singers now turning and questioning his 19 odd years of misrule amid acclaimed misplaced or goliathised achievements that they have knowingly misrepresented to Ghanaians and the world.
Cleon was another Athenian leader who was criticized by Thucydides for anti-intellectualism. Cleon used glib-tongued rhetoric in accusing his political opponents of having been bribed and appealing to savage aggression which indeed were fabricated just to win support. In reference to John Rawlings and his like-minded, as a result of his evil machinations, he has got everything wrong yet persists in convincing Ghanaians for a further support for his wife to be President of Ghana, meaning a further abysmal plunge.
Charles Coughlin was American Catholic priest one of the first to use radio to reach a mass audience in the 1930s. While initially a vocal supporter of Franklin D. Roosevelt and his New Deal, he later became a harsh critic of Roosevelt. Coughlin's themes eventually became increasingly supportive of assorted aspects of the fascist policies of leaders like Benito Mussolini. May we ask ourselves the real reason why the Rawlingses support for John Mills has waned to a rather name-calling drama? It is by reason of his extremist stance of fascist desires which indeed only his wife Konadu Agyemang Rawlings understands and will surely complot with him to achieve irrespective of where they plunge Ghana into.
Joseph McCarthy was a U.S. Senator from the state of Wisconsin from 1947 to 1957 and a poor orator who rose to national prominence during the early 1950’s by accusing a number of politicians and other individuals of being either communists or communist sympathizers. He presented himself as being above reproach while anyone who questioned or disagreed with him was branded as disloyal to the U.S. government. Ultimately his inability to substantiate his claims led him to be censured by the United States Senate in 1954, and to fall from popularity. In reference to the demagoguery of Joseph McCarthy, bumbling John Rawlings has accused previous politicians as thieves without proof. He was hailed as Jesus though with nothing of Divine qualities. His dealings in the sale of 300 National assets some of which were sold to his wife and paid for with State funds, his claim to be penny-less to being self-less to near improvidence yet took State funds to form a political Party, his knowledge of corruption by P V Obeng and Col. Osei-Wusu in his P/NDC government and many others are proof enough of his deceit and insincerity and having supervised a corrupt regime. Well over 2,000 Ghanaians went missing in his 19 years rule without any investigations launched. 34 women were murdered all in a ritual murder style to which he laid claim to knowledge of the perpetrators yet never mentioned them. Last but not the least was the death of the Ya-Na Yakubu Andani in a family chieftaincy strife which Johnny claims to know who decapitated the chief with the support of video evidence.
Fellow Ghanaians, to cut a long story short, the Rawlingses see us as gullible nonentities over whom they bestride and look down upon. Is it not long over-due for us to have discerned the casuistry of John Rawlings and his like-minded for censure? Is it not long over-due for us to cause the removal of a supposed mystery veil to bare the face of a misleading anarchist in order to take him to task over his evil deeds and thoughts that persist to plague Ghana in continuum? This is food for thought as they creep towards their inevitable Waterloo. Ghanaians have the right to know therefore John Rawlings cannot keep information of National interest to his chest as if Ghana is his sole bona fide property. He must be subpoenaed to provide this long-kept information to the Courts in the interest of all Ghanaians and for National security.

Adreba Kwaku Abrefa Damoa, LLB; MPhil (London) London UK