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Opinions of Saturday, 13 August 2011

Columnist: Appiah, Edwin

The Politics Of Insult – A Remedy

We stand with our fellow citizens in expressing genuine Ghanaian disgust with NDC/NPP in their open trade of heart-arching insults that Ghanaians suffer almost daily without relief.

From Mr. Kobby Acheampong to Sir John, Mr. Asiedu Nketia to John Kumah, Nana Darkwa to Nana Akomeah, Ursula to Quarshigah, Stanislav Dogbe, to Hon. James Agyenim Boateng, some honourables without honour, some ministers without manners, Ghanaians are suffering so much from people who have learnt so much yet give so little in creating a political culture Ghanaians desire and the world applauds. Some of the leaders in this NPP/NDC clan have become clouds without rain, trees without fruit, heat with no light.

It gets even worse when after falling into a trance of insults, there is no courtesy to apologize to each other and to the Ghanaian audience but show a proven persistence to defend their language by rallying partisan support for their unpatriotic commentaries.
We condemn it, we denounce it and we stand with Ghanaians everywhere to reject this kind of language.

We, in MOVE are convinced that the reason for this utterly disgraceful trend is because, as far as NPP/NDC is concerned, they have nothing to lose by being inflammatory, disrespectful, uncomplimentary and insulting. In their minds, analysis and strategy, they are convinced that Ghanaians will never change them or reject them and at worst they will only change among themselves after every four or eight years. Today even as Ghanaians everywhere condemn them, they know that within a week, everybody will move on, forget their insults, return to sing their praises and then their tradition of insults goes on.

That is why we reject as a solution those who say that our politicians need advice or need to be talked to or encouraged to speak well and behave whiles on air. Those who believe in this moral approach do not understand what is really going. It won’t work. Ghana has spent so much through their parents and alma maters to give these politicians sound moral training. They will confess their religious upbringing and even hint that they would enter priestly service after politics. And if they listen to radio as much as they insult on air, they would hear thousands of sermons from Friday to Sundays including some from the President himself. It has not worked.
What we need to do as peace-loving Ghanaians is to reject this group at the polls come 2012. We must send a clear signal to this NPP/NDC band that Ghanaians are not their hostages, leadership is service and seasoned language still matters. It is important to note that the CPP has shown remarkable statesmanship, sensitivity to the moral decency of Ghanaians and decorum to present a real alternative to conduct politics with the ordinary Ghanaian in mind.

If the NPP/NDC group want to engage in insults we ask

1. Is it not insulting that Ghana blessed with unique natural resources is numbered among countries with endemic poverty? What have they done about it?

2. Is it not insulting that after paying taxes and tightening their belts, corruption and mismanagement, illegal land acquisitions, unscrupulous oil deals, are the acceptable way life for politicians? What did they do about it after several years in power?
3. And is it not insulting that hawkers who are citizens are battered and mutilated whiles Fulani herdsman run around with impunity? What are they going to do about it after 30years NPP/NDC?
We can talk about the plight of teachers, nurses, the condition of factory workers etc who continue to work hard to increase our GDP whiles some politicians increase tensions and violence in this country.
We therefore urge the presidency sack officials some of whom have been mentioned above and call on the NPP to discipline their functionaries (some of whom have been mentioned above).
MOVE urges Ghanaians that the best strategy is to reject these agents of division, messengers of poverty, and contractors of underdevelopment and throw their weight behind the real alternative – CPP.
Thank you.

Edwin Appiah (0266 731 420)
August 9th, 2011
Masses Organised to Vote and Emancipate Ghana (MOVE GHANA).