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Opinions of Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Columnist: Azindoo, China

The Politics Of Gitmo Detainees My Take

By: Azindoo, China

Ghanaian politicians are again in their normal way of doing things, they have made it again, when Ghana government accepted the two Gitmo detainees into Ghana. They have waded into the debate about whether Ghana did a good job by accepting the detainees or not; whether Ghana should have had broader consultations or not or whether Ghana was playing into the hands of their American counterparts or there was something fishy about it.

Government of Ghana release said, the detainees at Gitmo acceptance, is on humanitarianism. This means that Ghana accepted them based on their situations currently.Their current nature is pathetic looking at the way the two have been made to go through. They have lived in Gitmo for good 14 years without trial; accused innocently, gone through mental trauma, suffer inhumane treatment and finally freed to find a place to redeem back their lost human values.

There comes a plethoras of security gurus and Islamic scholars to the extend of Christian theologies, who I strongly believe, have no training in national security, given their take on the issue at stake. Some are just making allusions whiles others make their submission based on their beliefs. It's quite interesting to see matters of national security is being treated like a social values commentary or religious pronouncements.

The government of Ghana per the release, first, clearly stated that, the acceptance of the two detainees, was based on humanitarian grounds .So be it there per the explanations, but a nation, where we have all manner of so- called experts will not allow this matter to die instantly . They will find ways to trigger debate about it to not find solutions but spin on it to suit their parochial interests and aims.

I have listened to all the arguments and counters from government and all the experts. It's making the whole thing darker and darker allowing, a good gesture to evaporate without reward if they keep going with their positions.

The acceptance of the Gitmo detainees is on humanitarian grounds by our government. I think, we should leave the security implications to the government to handle. Matters of this nature is for government and not public opinions. The government can handle the security implications aspect. We don't need to panic as government assures all that, it will manage it properly.

I think, citizens have the right to concern about anything that they see going on. They can comment on it to seek clearance or to let their views heard, but in doing so, they should do it based on facts. They shouldn't let their own views cause our country embarrassment. They shouldn't let thier views override that of our government, when clearly it's a decision of national security issue. As we trust our nation into the hands of our leaders, so we must allow them room to decide on issues bothering on national security. Our assessments will be inimical and at variance to our policy decision takers. That's what we should have in mind.

Let's trust our government in taking international relation decisions of this calibre.It's complex to engage in international relations matters, as some facts and positions of government can't all be given out to public, because of security implications and stands binding on diplomacy. I urge our people to look up to our government on this issue. Surely, the decision to accept these innocent of these two people is heartwarming.