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Opinions of Monday, 30 November 2015

Columnist: Daily Guide

The Police are but infant masquerades!

“Trust is not simply a matter of truthfulness, or even constancy. It’s also a matter of amity or goodwill. We trust those who have our best interests at heart, and mistrust those who seem deaf to our concerns”—Gary Hamel.

One dance I love watching is the dance of the matured masquerade. This is because the dance is flawless. The dance of the infant masquerade, on the other hand, is not pleasing to the eye because it is very clumsy. I’ve had the occasion to discuss infant masquerades in this very column. I’m compelled to repeat the dose in order to refresh your medulla.

The dance in vogue in this country is Azonto, so we all expect the Police to do the in-thing by exhibiting their Azonto skills. But they rather prefer to publicly advertise the dance of the masquerade. Unfortunately, they dance so clumsily that even the inexperienced could tell it is the dance of an infant masquerade.

Don’t be confused; what I refer to is the predisposition with which our police handle cases with political undertones. I’ve painfully observed since 2009 how our prejudiced police have consistently handled such cases to please their political masters. And I can confidently say that the Osono ‘dawn raid’ prosecutions would come to naught. Those hoping to see the Police do a professional job should forget it because it isn’t going to happen.

You remember the Agbogbloshie massacre in August 2009, don’t you? The country beheld a spectacle which left a scar on the conscience of the nation. Matchete-wielding hoodlums, referred to as Taliban Boys, butchered four young men to death in front of the Agbogbloshie Police Station in broad daylight. Ironically, the few police personnel present chose to run for dear life, instead of going to the rescue of the victims.

Only two persons were arrested, but were later allowed to go scot-free. Using the powers of the state, the police allowed the perpetrators of the heinous crime to go scot-free because they wore umbrella embossed shirts. Six years on, our prejudiced Police shamelessly tell us they are still investigating the matter.

Prior to the Agblogbloshie massacre, we all saw how the Chief Jihadist and his charges unleashed mayhem on their political opponents in Akwatia in the full glare of the police. Cars were destroyed, innocent persons beaten, and houses burnt to ashes. Once again, the culprits were allowed to walk because of the umbrella symbol embossed on their shirts.

The Chief Jihadist is now a Member of Parliament (MP) and gleefully responds to the ‘honourable’ title. Is it not ironic that such a dishonourable personality is now being referred to as honourable? Ha, ha, ha!