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Opinions of Friday, 31 May 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

The Petitioners are on Course to Win the Supreme Court Case

The recent developments in court remind me of my youthful age; when I was a pupil at one of the elementary schools in Kumawu when pupils playfully used to say, the word "Tatabuta is buta". This wonderfully jovial phrase by the understanding of those employing it meant, "What God has written is written"

It is all too clear, deducing from the answers Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketiah (the Witness-in-Chief for the 1st & 3rd respondents) is giving to questions at his cross-examination by Counsel Phillip Addison that Nana Akufo Addo & Co (petitioners) are on course to win the case. Mr Asiedu Nketiah can continue to be economical with the truth; regardless, the truth will out.

He is just a small fish in the expansive ocean to attract much of our attention. We should not expend much energy and time on him trying to retrieve anything credible from his mouth. The big fish, Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan, is the one that will make or break the case. Even before mounting the witness box, Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan is trembling from head to toe like a lone leaf on a tree come under the intensity of the Harmattan wind. With the coming to an end of the cross-examination of Johnson Asiedu Nketiah, Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan is automatically beckoned into the witness box. Resultantly, a cold chill is sent down his spine with goose bumps all over his body, fear showing in his sunken eyes.

Counsel Addison has reserved all the simplest questions for Dr Afari Gyan. However, simple questions are often difficult to answer. He may ask him the following questions among others:

Addison: What is your understanding of over-voting? Would you please explain it to the court?

Afari Gyan: Over-voting is when the ballot papers in the ballot box outnumber verified votes cast.

Addison: Are you aware that instances of over-voting occurred in some polling stations during Elections 2012?

Afari Gyan: Not as far as I am aware of

Addison: If it is proven that some did occur, what would be your recommendation

Afari Gyan: We had agreed in principle that in any polling station where the ballot papers in the ballot box outnumber the verified votes cast, the election results of that polling station will be cancelled.

Addison: Why should the results of polling stations found to have witnessed over-voting be cancelled?

Afari Gyan: It is because it fringes a clausal stipulation in the Constitutional Instrument (CI 74) used for the organisation of Elections 2012.

Addison: Does such an occurrence of over-vote constitute a statutory violation hence calling for the cancellation of the results?

Quarshie-Idun: Objection my Lords. The question is premised in bad faith. It is not within the capability of the Star-witness to answer it. It is the counsels that are able to answer it quoting relevant laws to support their claim.

Presiding Judge (Justice Atuguba): The Court will rise to consider the objection raised

The court comes back ten minutes later.

Justice Atuguba: Objection sustained. No sorry, objection overruled. He is the originator of the Constitutional Instrument (CI 74) used to conduct the elections and so in a better position to answer the question.

Addison: Does over-vote amount to a statutory violation?

Afari Gyan: Yes my Lord

Addison: Did you specify any method for eligible voters to subscribe to before being allowed to vote on the election?

Afari Gyan: Yes my Lord

Addison: Could you please tell the Court what it was?

Afari Gyan: All voters were to go through verification process before being allowed to vote. NVNV - No Verification No Voting. If I say verification, I mean biometrically.

Addison: Did some people vote without going through biometric verifications?

Afari Gyan: No my Lord, not as far as I know

Addison: I suggest to you that some voters cast their votes without being verified biometrically

Afari Gyan: This is the first time of hearing that

Addison shows him an exhibit (pink sheet).

Addison: Dr Afari Gyan, could you please read the face details of the pink sheet?

Afari Gyan reads it loud to the hearing of all those present in the court room

Addison: Do you see that a number has been indicated in column…indicating those that voted without being verified biometrically? What number is it?

Afari Gyan: Yes my Lord. It is…

Addison: What do you suggest about the results on that pink sheet and from that polling station?

Afari Gyan: It has to be cancelled

Addison: Did you cancel it or you added it to the overall declaration of the valid votes?

Afari Gyan: I can't tell my Lord

Addison: I suggest to you that you added it to the results

Afari Gyan: I will have to cross-check, my Lords

Addison: Did you cancel the results of any polling station for over voting and or for non-compliance with biometric verification

Afari Gyan: No my Lords

Addison: Do you know the results of Gambaga …….polling station was cancelled for over-voting?

Afari Gyan: I did not instruct the presiding officer to cancel it. He did it on his own accord

Addison: He did it because you had said so prior to the Election Day

Afari Gyan: My Lords I am tired, hungry and feeling dizzy

Addison: Dr Afari Gyan, what are your views on unsigned pink sheets, those not signed by the Presiding officers?

Afari Gyan: My Lords, I repeat I am tired, feel very hungry and dizzy. I have begun hallucinating.

Addison: Dr Afari Gyan, are you aware that one Salamatu who worked for the Electoral Commission during the election was arrested for attempting to arrange some presiding officers to sign the then unsigned pink sheet? What is the motive behind that?

Afar Gyan: My Lords I will collapse if he continues. I am confused and need time to think some questions through. After all, any detected mistake is an administrative error leading to declaring John Mahama president-elect administratively erroneously.

Justice Atuguba: The poor Dr is panicking, he is about to faint. We had better close today's session before we have blood dripping off our hands when he collapses and dies. The judges will rise. The session is closed for today.

Dr Kwadwo Afari Gyan is "hot". His nose has all along been twitching like a rabbit sitting on his hind legs with ears raised, waiting to sight and detect any slightest noise from his predator so that he can take to his heels to save his life.

Please follow up the cross-examination of Dr. Kwadwo Afari Gyan. It is hilarious. He will soon throw in the towel and accept his mistake for hurriedly declaring then presidential-candidate John Mahama as the President-elect. He will appeal to the judges to reverse his decision in line with God's purpose.

The Good GOD had revealed to many who He had selected to be the President of Ghana and how the evil ones had scuppered His plan. However, He revealed to Kofi Basoah what the NPP and all discerning Ghanaians should do to ensure the realisation of His original plan for Ghana - to have Nana Akufo Addo as the President. He instructed that the NPP stay RESOULUTE, exactly what they are doing now. God is proving to the whole world that He is GOD and His purpose shall always come to pass no matter how long it lasts and what impediments are scattered along the way.

I dedicate this write-up to Mr Alfred Kofi Asiamah, alias Supper, for his interest in politics and his incessant prayers to God to prove that He has really selected Nana Akufo Addo for President of Ghana.

Stay tuned for more info from Rockson, the proud son of Kumawu/Asiampa.

Rockson Adofo