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Opinions of Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

The Only Way the Probing Committee can Establish the Truth in “Vikileaks”

Long before the judicial Committee established to investigate the leaked secretly recorded conversations and gossips by the recent past Deputy Communications Minister, Hon. Victoria Hammah – “Lady Heavy Bottom Power”, some alleged culprits have started issuing denials.

Denying involvement in committed crimes is nothing new or strange to the Ghanaian public. The public knows very well that so is the nature and attitude of many a Ghanaian who commits crimes under the cover of darkness; crimes hidden away from the public view.

Is it therefore any wonder that Nana Oye Lithur, the near-pro gay champion Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, denies any involvement in her alleged contact with some Supreme Court judges that sat on Election 2012 petition prior to their declaration of verdict on the case?

Her advance notice of denial does not in my estimation exonerate her from blame of secret illegal contact with some of the judges as asserted by Victoria Hammah. She did so with intent to influence the direction of the verdict in favour of then President John Dramani Mahama, who then, and is still, with question marks raised against his election as the President of Ghana.

As there is no smoke without fire and there being the slightest truth in every rumour, Victoria Hammah could not be that very wrong anyway. If a crocodile emerges from underneath the river or the lake to announce the death of Mother Crocodile, who are you to deny his/her assertion? Do they not live together in the river whereas you do not? “Asem sebe”

In order to get to the bottom of the truth in this matter, I shall suggest we go down the similar path as did Lawyer Adreba Damoa Abrefa. He invoked the spirit of fetish Nana Antoa Nyamaa on the Supreme Court judges in pursuit of justice during the Election 2012 petition. It has come to the public knowledge that one of the monstrous judges is at the moment feeling very poorly.

Who then will bell the cat by invoking same or another powerful fetish on Nana Oye Lithur, Victoria Hammah and whoever was on the other receiving end of the telephone conversations or gossips by Victoria Hammah? Anyone about to be implicated or implicated in the allegation must be subjected to same spiritual probe by the would-be invoked fetish.

I know God is in control but for quicker lightning response that will scare the shit out of the current official crooks that are plundering Ghana as though tomorrow never comes, a less powerful god, the creation of GOD of course, should be allowed to come in to inflict merciless punishment on the said crooks.

The abundant mercies of God that make Him slow to act in punishing a sinner but patiently seek their repentance have made the Ghanaian take His leniency for a weakness in Him. They therefore fear the” no-nonsense but quick to act” lesser gods hence, invoking them to extract the truth from Nana Oye Lithur and Victoria Hammah in this case.

We shall no longer sit on our bloody arse while the crooks abounding in the various institutions in Ghana take us for a rough ride.

I personally believe something untoward went on prior to the judges declaring their verdict on Election 2012. The verdict was clearly corrupted. William Atuguba (JSC) will not in the long distance from today confess to the underhand dealings that went on.

Adreba “abre”. Rockson” abre”. DJ Sources “nso abre”. Maa Akosua, Obaa Yaa, Maame B Sorkode “nso abre”.

Hopeson Adorye, will you bell this cat by publicly invoking some powerful fetish on Nana Oye Lithur and Victoria Hammah to extract the truth from their mouth? No, Hopeson” nso abre”. Who then will do it?

I dedicate this publication to Hopeson Adorye, my candidate for the impending NPP National Organizer elections. What about Dr Ntiki, Asabre, Mr Kanin, Paa Solo, Akonta, Kwaku Adu Bofo3, Life Appau, I.K. Acheampong, Yaw John, Lucy- Cash woman, Agya Owusu – Cash man, and the entire Ghanaians living in France? They should all consider the merits and demerits of my arguments and declarations.

Over to you Nana Sarkodie Ababio, alias DJ Sources of Sources radio UK FM 96.3. Sources radio is dominating the Ghanaian Online airwaves worldwide.

Rockson Adofo