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Opinions of Sunday, 31 January 2010

Columnist: Akoma, Emil

The Nomination of Hons BAGBIN ....


I have been enjoying the public response to the Presdient's nomination of the 3 Leaders of the NDC from the Legislature, into the Execuitve arm of Government. What is now clear is that MPs from bothe sides of the House accept Hon Sumanu Bagbin as a 'competent' and capable Leader of Parliamnet.

So why will President Mills take off the accepted 'competent and capable'; leaders to be on his side? It is true that Bagbin criticised the President seriously, which goes to show that MPs ought to hold government in check. So does the President pull him out then, so as to avoid such serious crticism? Dose the President want to say "you shut up"?

Why many of us clamour for political office is, in my assessment, linked to the folowing pleasantries:


Have that national respect.

Enjoy more holidays (breaks) than Ministers of State

Must demonstrate that assertiveness, eloquence in talking

Enjoy excellent popularity

Receive extras only from numerous Committees on which they seat

Wield no authority, sad to say.


Have that national respect

Wield authority to hire and fire

Have reportees all over the country, whom they must appraise

Is the Nation's frontman to all Foreigners in his/her assigned Ministry

Meets international figures more often

Work towards specific results/targets.

Looking at the above "conditions", it could be obvious why on Hon Bagbin may rather opt to join the Executive. So since the NPs are reported to be unhappy that President Mills is trying to eclipse their work in Parliament, this is the very time for Ghana's Legislature to stand on its feet.

What am I trying to say here? It is clear to note that NPs Bagbin, ET, and John Tia who are the NDC Leaders in Parliament for 16 years are being 'compensated' for long and dedicated service, by having to leave the "Service" arm of Government inot the "Enjoyment" arm of Government.

What Parliamment will have to tell President Mills is not to complain now at all; but simply to adopt a common consensus from both sides of the house, and simply vote "NO" when the vetting Committee finishes vetting the nominee Ministers.

I urge all Honourable Memebers of Ghana's Parliament to reason together, to work more closely as elected representatives of the people, and to allow the Doe Adjahoe Committee to vet and pass the nominee Ministers as is the practice. When the Committee presents the candidates to the general house, if you really believe that you need Sumanu Bagbin and ET Mensah in Parliament more than they should rather go to the Ministries, PLEASE VOTE NO, without any bias.

Remember, you are doing your service to Ghana.

Long live mother GHANA. Emil Akomah (