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Opinions of Sunday, 17 September 2017

Columnist: Charles Yeboah

The New Ghana kingdom and the Lord

During which time the usurpers made the grounds fertile for the mock fight, when the supposed black sheep was filed off the whole; maintaining the amiable one, the new Kingdom rising from the ashes of the fallen Republic laid to the drooped nobles the meaning of service.

And as narrated by a Lord who would hoist from the centre; the amalgam of colours with the golden crown conspicuously embossed at the centre, he compared the work of the new Kingdom to a cane in the hand of the blind.

He said leadership or a leader is a chosen one, one whom the ancients call a seer, a sage, a prophet, and a shepherd ordained by the Providence. And he (as it was then patriarchal ) , cared not about the self -joy, but that of they he served. The shepherd, as the cane of the blind, first falls into the muddy gutters, into the faecal contamination of the environment to alarm the holder.

The leader he continued; as would be witnessed in the new Kingdom must not be chauffered in a fanciful chariot by the barefooted subjects who at best makes the free air their three square meal a day.

The leader must not rest in his court, in a palace, fortified by invincible roofing and fencing whiles the subjects competes with the beasts, creeping creatures and the unfriendly nightly showers at winter for sleeping place.

As one who a Thane he was in his youthful days, being ordained by charm (not as that of Macbeth we read about in Shakespeare stories, who was impatient to the coming of his crowning as ordained by the weird sisters, killing Duncan to force himself on the Scottish throne ) , the Lord who with forbearance, waited through climbs and falls before his enthronement, he stated impeccably the dignity in putting the subjects above the myopic and self aggrandisement of the leader.

As he was still with the blind's cane, the Lord in like manner compared the working of a leader to courtiers or as they would be known elsewhere as knights; who had privilege showed its face on them to be called on as partners of building the broken walls of a fallen noble land. The courtiers who had been called from the class of bourgeoisie had upon such hearing formed in their minds the juices that comes with knighthood, or a courtier life. They had from the beginning formed in the mind how to milk the fat cow without the dream to fatten the lean ones.

A Lord who was to lead the building, the foreman as he would prefer to be called, enquired of what they bring on board to build non-penetrable walls. The new knights resorted on the old ways of doing things - skimming blood from the peasants in the name of taxation. As the Lord rivalled their suggestions but held it that it would be godly, a heaven come to rule earth; as without taxation or as they called it; dues, one builds by using available materials. For the building of the walls would not shine in the annals of history if the status quo is maintained.

The earlier called knights, who had indeed responded to the call of the Lord to put hands in glove, chest to the wheel and hit the ground running, but were in for their parochial interests, showed disinterest in the formula used by the Lord, and they opted out. He then invited those with the willing heart, from among the peasants, those who were amiable to be groomed.

With them the fallen land was raised again in fortresses and skyscrapers. The bourgeoisie who would not love it to till before feasting upon seeing the yeoman work done came through the back door to claim their lost positions. The principled Lord, though admitted them, but not in their former place, but he maintained the now trained peasants, who are Knights in their own rights and merits.

To the bourgeoisie the Lord assigned new labour to test how penitent they're. Their passing would inform his next line of action and to what portfolios must they be apportioned.

In a sermon to the children of the new Kingdom, the Lord said; as one who for the services to humanity and the supreme, vacating the luxury of life for flagellation, he'd demand integrity, willingness and Co - operation in his court, and there will be no cronyism and nepotism.

Like the cane of the blind, those who would love it to build the fallen Republic with the Lord into a new Kingdom are thus shown how to serve, but not to be served.