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Opinions of Thursday, 6 August 2015

Columnist: Azindoo- China

The National Security Should Sit Up

It is very, very dangerous to lose guard and creat a loophole for an assailant or any security threat to bypass our national security only to be caught in the security zone. Anyone, who knows security management and crime prevention will tell you that, potential security threats are foiled right from its base before it is carried to intended place.

On this note, I score our National Security a zero mark. Had it not because of the said assailant being a mentally retarded person, by now , our president would have been shot if he was in the church that day.

It is completely a security lapse on the part of those responsible for the presidents safety.They need to relook at the way to protect our president and not what we heard that fateful day. Many are still aghast and shivering about the poor nature of the security of the president.

I urge the handlers of the president not to toy with his life.I call on them to change those on duty that day, though they were able to arrest the guy. They failed miserably because, in matters like this, the assailant might have visited the place (church) many times and planed it before carrying the act.

So, the security around the president should be able to identify such threats and foil it before it happens. But because they slept on their jobs .It just like in a football match, when you allow a tough player to find it easier to penetrate through into your 18 - yard, the results will certainty be a goal against you.

Finally, let us as nation stop politics with this serious national security issue. What if the president is being pursued by foreign adversaries and foes of ours, will we be comfortable? We must learn to reflect soberly on issues of national security so as to protect Ghana and its leaders.
By: Azindoo- China