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Opinions of Friday, 12 December 2014

Columnist: Asamoa Yeboah

The Nation Will Not Commit Suicide

Let us personify this nation, so the nation becomes a living thing, precisely a human being. If this nation was a human being, she would have committed suicide by now going by the Akan adage “feri nye owu dze efata owu” literally translated, “it is better to die than to live in disgrace or shame.” The nation hasn’t committed suicide in spite of the recent shameful scandal or saga that has hit this country. The scandal seems to cut across all sectors, and this does not order well at all for the future of this country.
For a lot of years the people of this nation in Africa have lived in hope, the hope that it will get better someday. Before independence we were told this, right after independence we were told the same thing, and close to sixty (60) years of independence, we are still being told the same thing. In fact looking at the crystal ball, we might still be hearing the same thing in the years ahead if we continue to do what we are doing- you simply cannot do the same thing over and over and expect a different result. The future does not look bright for the future generations.
Apportioning blame is not what must be done, but a little of that might help- maybe. The point is that those at the helms of affairs, living in their future, with the power to effect positive change, and know exactly what must be done to accelerate the progress of this nation have rather wreck it with their intentional mismanagement, if I am not afraid to say.
From sports to travel to management, there seem to be a situation of shame to disgrace and disgrace to shame, tarnishing the name and image of this country- simple.
Let us begin with sports, with our attention on football. The world cup scandal or saga- however you want to call it- has not ended, and just out of the blue springs up the case of an over aged player in a competition is “more than qualified” to participate in ( an under seventeen (17) qualifier). This is no secret at all because most people know and are aware of the fact that most players especially footballers in this country do not use their right ages.
Well, we did not give birth to them so we can’t confirm their right ages, neither can we deny it too. It is really amazing come to think of it, how people manage to change their ages and identity in this era of biometric everything. These things just end up having a bad effect on the little boy, young man, and beautiful young lady somewhere who knows nothing about how these ages spring up in the documents of these players. The big belly fat man who ensured that will only be sitting in his air conditioner or will be on vacation in the Caribbean with no consequences for his action.
Despite the embarrassment, disgrace and shame, the nation has not committed suicide.
Corruption is on the high, economic progression is on the low. Inflation is rising, so traditionally, the currency will fall. Don’t be surprise ok! The big man in charge knows exactly what is wrong with this nation. Power crises, maternity death in the 21st century, diseases that can be prevented continue to kill us every day. Children who are supposed to be in school are selling on the streets for all to see during school hours. Upper Primary school pupil at ‘Ningo Mennpe me ho asem’ in this era of computers still say ‘crass’ instead of ‘class’ and they don’t see anything strange about it . It is a disgrace and shame to this nation, yet the nation hasn’t committed suicide.
Where is the Seven point Nine Million Ghana Cedis (GH?7,900,000) of National Service Scheme money? People who are supposed to rectify and nullify this nation’s problems are those contributing greatly to its downfall. It really hurts to find out that people who are suppose to find you raise are the same people pulling you down. It is disgraceful and shameful yet the nation hasn’t committed suicide.
The most shameful issue aside those elaborated above that could have just shut this nation down is the cocaine politics we do. We just ignore the merits of important issues and paint them in political colors. Some of those who do that are the people who are living in their future and have nothing to lose. When the image of this nation is tarnished, they won’t suffer and they will not lose anything after all they have no future to live. The future generations are those who will pay for all these shameful acts, in case they do not suffer for it. That is why it is very painful when one hears young politicians who are to think of the interest of the future generations also playing politics with these shameful drug issues.
Just imagine the young researcher, who might have a cure for prostate cancer, having to be profiled and searched thoroughly like he is a drug lord, war lord or terrorist in the midst of his contemporaries from other countries, when travelling abroad just because some old bellied leader played politics with cocaine and other narcotics, as such the shame and disgrace has passed down to him- the innocent young researcher.
With all these disgraceful and shameful acts, the nation has not committed suicide. She did not kill herself like the adage suggests, rather, she is still standing. Well it could be that she is allowing the future generations who are hungry to bring positive change the chance to do just that. No one knows which generation that is, but we know there is a chance to right all these wrongs done this nation by some of the people who walked this land before us.