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Opinions of Thursday, 30 July 2020

Columnist: Joseph Daanaah

The NPP screenplay and Bawumia

Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

As a northerner, who grew up in the Akan land and has all the marks of a southerner and a strong command of the Akan languages including proverbs. What I learnt growing up is that People will hail you and accept you into their fold if you perform exceedingly well in what you do and they will like to associate themselves with, even though they will not have under normal circumstances.

I have lived with them, have schooled with them and have been like them most of my adult lives. This is how they behave” If you are good and they can take advantage of you, welcome, else you are this filthy smelly northerner. I have seen it in inter-marriages between the north and south and in many other areas. They used the Dagombas to fight wars for them in the olden days when they needed them, but will still box them as “Tani, Pepe Ni, Nta fu?“ in a derogatory manner.

This is exactly the playbook that is been written in the NPP that my good brother Bawumia has fallen blind to. The NPP saw Bawumia as a brilliant young man that can be useful to them politically, and he is proven his worth over and over again to the admiration of Ghanaians. However, the actual screenplay of the NPP kingmakers is unfolding and will soon be outdoored for the world to see.

I have watched and admired how Bawumia gradually and meticulously evolved into the political limelight and now a household name as the most effective vice president in the history of our country. The NPP government under the leadership of Nana and ably supported by Bawumia have done incredibly well to serve the good people of Ghana. I believe they are building the economic fundamentals which have been missing in our developmental history and hence our inability to progress as a country. However, they have suffered their own portion of Corruption and chop chop as any other African country.

The reason for this write-up has to do with dishonesty at the highest level of NPP. During the run up to the 2016 elections, somewhere in 2015, The NPP led by Nana held a series of meetings involving the northern leaders, opinion leaders and people who matters. Everyone knows that the 3 northern region have been loyal to the NDC, thanks to Chairman Rawlings and his excellent respect for the people of the North, he laid down a great foundation for the NDC.

At those meetings, the message from the then candidate Nana was, “I am old and wants to be president for ONE term and hand over to Bawumia your son”. I want to win power, groom Bawumia and after 4 years, he will be ready to lead our great country on the Ticket of NPP. He swore and promised repeatedly and pleaded with the North to help him win election.

Fast forward 2016, Nana have made a complete 360degrees turn around and is going for a second term. What happened to your promise? The powers have rubbished that idea and forced Nana to never backout to support Bawumia. The Akan factor is back at play, they cannot fathom how Bawumia, the “northerner” will lead the NPP.

Some told Nana; if he is not running then it is also not the turn of Bawumia. The NPP supposedly have some leadership queue that people must follow. Bawumia is way on the bottom of that ladder according to them. It’s not as if Nana is fighting for Bawumia, it was all a big lie, a scheme that Nana knew very well of, that Northerner can never be allowed to lead the NPP party, they played him big time and he fell for it. Dishonesty in grand manner!

In 2024 when Nana is done with his 8years, that is when Bawumia will see the full movie playing. His hard work and dedication to NPP would be thrown out. Will rather ask him to be running mate again to their preferred Akan candidate.

My brother knows this truth but his love for Ghana keeps him going and making sure the right thing is done. He is still humble and serving Ghana to the best of his abilities.

The Akans have a saying:

”Ahunu-bi-pOn nti na so aserewa gyegye ne ba agoro a na wayi n’ani ato nky?n” see what happened to Aliu.

“Obanyansafo y3bu no b3, y3nnka no as3m”

The NPP will continue to look down upon Northerners, it’s the same parallel in USA where the Blacks will forever be viewed as inferior and are only good to be used for the white agenda.

My Brothers and sisters of northern Ghana, open your eyes and not to be deceived by these dishonest People.

“A word to the wise is NORTH”(enough)

Long live Ghana