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Opinions of Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Columnist: Tahiru-Terror, Iddrisu Ablayi

The NPP is working Again!

I have always been an ardent follower of the New Patriotic Party, having served as Electoral Area Coordinator and an active participant of our struggle to win power in 2016.

I recollect our collective effort in the election 2000 victory and I believe that winning spirit is back. Those days, we drew lots of inspiration from the leadership of the party and we were always encouraged by the sacrifices of the likes of Dan Botwe, Courage Quashigah, Kwabena Agyepong and many others who led the agenda for change.

After our painful defeat in 2008, the New Patriotic Party was subjected to several selfish driven agenda. People have been wrongly accused of championing agendas that we foolishly believed in but it turns out that wasn't the case.

I'm now seeing the NPP working again! An NPP that is showing leadership and is battle ready to win election 2016. Yes it's working again but we have more to do to ensure that we end the unbridled level of corruption that has befallen Ghana. Paul Afoko's intent was subjected to lots of attacks due to his closeness with the Kufour/Alan family thus preventing the chairman in implementing many of his 'New Plan for Power' but the little we have seen of his administration clearly demonstrates a leader who is prepared to sacrifice his all to ensure the victory we have always expected.

The recent series of demonstrations, largely driven by the General Secretary, Kwabena Agyepong, is worth mentioning. The party cohesion, coupled with a sense of discipline and volunteerism that we witnessed in 2000 is manifesting now and we must commend the Afoko led administration. I now believe that they indeed have a new plan for power.

I urge all patriots, to give Paul Afoko/Kwabena Agyepong administration the maximum cooperation.

We can never win an election with the same strategies that has failed us.

We won't fall for any Agenda 2020 propaganda. AFOKO/AGYEPONG must be allowed to work.

I urge our leaders to strengthen discipline in the party and continue to bring all on board. We would be glad to see Alan Kyerematen, Addai Nimo, Dr. Bawumia and Dan Botwe at the forefront of our 2016 elections.

Iddrisu Ablayi Tahiru-Terror
Tamale Central