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Opinions of Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Columnist: Abdallah Abdul Matin

The NDC hypocrisy and dishonesty

In this country, nothing fresh and new under the sun really happens in the political industry.

In 2004, when the NHIS was due for implementation courtesy the Kufuor-Aliu Mahama government, the minority led by John Mahama walked out of Parliament and lambasted the policy.

Today, good stories can be said of the contribution of the critical policy to the ordinary Ghanaian

In 2006, yet again the NPP government outdoored the NYEP, a youth centered employment framework. It also received it fair share of bastardizing from NDC critics. Today, it is doing magic.

The Free Maternal Care was also handed a monumental proportion of the NDC lashes. Free Maternal Care in later years helped in beating down maternal mortality by a 5 percentage point.

In 2008, the Ghanaian electorates handed the reins of government to the NDC after being hoodwinked by their propaganda, petty lies and pure deception. In the 8 years of superintending over the management of the country, near-nothing happened.

The amalgam of the Mills and Mahama government failed to implement even a single social intervention policy. Corruption and money grabbing took centre stage. Ghana was returned to the Intensive Care Unit of IMF.

When Ghanaians were yet again bellyful of the sheer incompetence, they insisted that power should changed hands and so it did. In 2018, like a dè-ja-vu, the NDC trickery politics is at full gear again.

When the Nana-Addo led NPP administration introduced the ambitious Free SHS policy, their tongues were wagging again and they verbally teared the policy into pieces.

At a time Ghanaian SHS students are reaping the benefit of the policy, the NDC could not bury their heads in shame but only to run it down. They did same to the Planting for Food and Jobs.

Today, Nation Builders Corps is here to alleviate the fast growing unemployment rate that has bedeviled our nation. The NDC is at work again, calling the policy names and running it down.

The youth ought to know the NDC as a bunch of naysayers and pessimists who are undeserving of their mandate. Hypocrisy, dishonesty and double standard.

The cause of our present plight as Ghanaians is that we tend to fight any good thing with the notion that we disagree with the implementor or on the flimsy basis that it is an NPP initiative and obviously that is wizardry.

No policy is implemented under this government with the notion to destroy its beneficiaries; NABCO per the analysis looks good and needs support.

Probably, it is at the implementation stage that will expose some mishaps which can be addressed without malice. President Akuffo Addo has introduced a good policy and I think is in the interest of our unemployed graduates and therefore needs the maximum support. Ghana is on the right track. Time will be the best speaker.