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Opinions of Thursday, 7 October 2010

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

The NDC have Lost their Directional Bearing – Fumbling in Politics

Mahatma Gandhi once stated, "In history there has always been villains and tyrants. But they always come to a violent end." The NDC as a political party in government could well say to have lost its clout. Like a rudderless vessel on the high seas with a faulty compass, a whining and humming engine, it is confronted with navigational and mechanical problems. It has completely lost its directional bearings, gradually grinding to a halt, and will soon be lost at sea. It is aimlessly left at the mercy of the tormenting hissing wind, (the foot-soldiers of course), fate and luck.

Ever since they took over power from the NPP government, I can say without fear of arrest for causing harm and spreading fear in public that, I have never seen any government so totally clueless. They are acting as if they never had a manifesto. Did they not present their angelic party manifesto to the electorate consequent upon which they were voted to power? Or, it was the threat of Rawlings setting Ghana ablaze were the NDC to lose power that cowered Ghanaians into voting for the NDC? I can hardly understand them and the direction they are taking the country.

No sooner had the NDC been declared the winner of the 2008 national election than they went on public toilet-seizing spree. Fewer former toilet overseers were said to have been killed and many were maimed in the heat of the NDC activists taking over the supervision of the toilets. Shame on these modern day NDC latrine-boys. Hardly had the toilet issue subsided when they started seizing any posh cars they saw, claiming they belonged to the NPP Ministers, functionaries and activists. To them, the perceived NPP thieves had bought the cars with government money and that those cars automatically belong to the State. One Ato Smith led this crusade of seizing the perceived stolen cars. He was later handsomely rewarded with ambassadorial post by President "Do Little" Evans Fiifi Atta Mills.

The NDC having a penchant for posh cars employed one crook by name Carl Wilson to do their polished thievery for them. This guy connived with the Deputy Chief of Staff, Dishonourable Alex Segbefia, to impound any imported posh cars into the country. Carl Wilson claimed and insisted on having personalized computer software able to detect stolen cars shipped from abroad to Ghana. The confiscated cars were distributed among the NDC gurus in what was a shambolic auction sale. I will not dwell on this particular issue today as I have published extensive articles on it and will continue to. The NDC again started creating what may be their nonsensical 1.6 million jobs by sacking many gainfully-employed persons and replacing them with their own. Their so-called foot-soldiers, lawless entities of course, started beating up NHIS staff, bolting up their offices and replacing them by themselves.

The clueless NDC lot always think more about winning subsequent national elections than how best to develop the nation economically. In their warped estimation, they had better win over all the CPPs at all cost. The best way to go about it is to appease the CPPs by naming and renaming any monument in Ghana after Nkrumah, the First President of Ghana. This is childish! Does naming everything or even Ghana itself after Nkrumah bring bread to our plates? No! Dr. Nkrumah was a unique person in the history of Ghana. He was Charismatic, farsighted, bold, and selfless and a liberator. He was as well a dictator, ruthless and "Okasapreko" - nobody dare challenge him when he speaks, his word was always final. He unified both good and bad in his personality. Does naming everything after Nkrumah as being moronically pursued by the NDC bring about that magic wand Nkrumah wielded?

The current crop of Ghanaian politicians is corrupt. The NDC are then to give us a break from their pursuit of associating everything with Nkrumah's name thinking that will make Ghanaians vote them to power every now and then. They had better grow up. As current CPP is a limping and neighing old horse needing some rest, so also is Nkrumahism. Nkrumah never dies. Yes, his ideals will continue to linger in the minds of Ghanaians but his CPP party is dead. All those in favour of Nkrumahism are simply paying him a lip service; their hearts are far removed from him and the good he stood for. They only see that as a means to achieving their selfish political ends. How many of them have even named their children after Nkrumah, to show their appreciation and love for him; in acknowledgment of his great deeds for Ghana and Africa? Is it not a common practice in our Ghanaian culture to acknowledge the love, kindness etc. of someone you esteem most by naming your son or daughter after them? Has modernization changed our culture and tradition? If yes, then cease disturbing our ears with that one year-long celebration of Nkrumah cum the silly naming and renaming of everything after him. Will Ghanaians be better off when everything changes to Nkrumah? Then let us rename Ghana (God Has Appointed Nkrumah Already) after Nkrumah where all Ghanaians will then become Nkrumahs, the citizens of the Republic of Nkrumah.

The NDC have also started the politicization of the Ghana police. As soon as one exercises their freedom of expression and speech to the distaste of the NDC, the police are on their heels. They accuse the person of causing harm and spreading fear in public. They charge whoever has uttered a statement perceived to be infringement, to court. Nana Darkwah, Ato Dadzie etc. were charged under Section 207/208 of the Ghana Constitution - "Causing harm and spreading fear in public". The more serious scenario where panic and fear had vividly been caused was brushed under the carpet. It was when the NDC National Chairman, Dr. Kwabena Adjei, threatened to cleanse the Judiciary if the Chief Justice failed to purge it herself. All the judges were scared shitless because on 30th June 1982, three of their colleagues were murdered in cold blood by the Father of the NDC, Mr. PNDC. They did not want the re-visitation of that incident. "Once bitten, twice shy" The incompetent and biased Attorney General came up with the flimsiest excuse I have ever heard to justify why Kwabena Adjei could not be tried for his untoward statement. This is NDC for you. They are practising Divide and Rule politics. NDC guy can flout the law as much as he likes but those from the other parties can't.

I am highly annoyed at the incompetence, tyrannical nature, and the biases of the NDC administration. Many are of the opinion that the NDC are a bunch of rogues. I don't know but their actions tell what they are.

To conclude, I quote Edmund Burke - "When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle"

Rockson Adofo