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Opinions of Friday, 15 December 2017

Columnist: Michael Jarvis Bokor

The NDC cannot win political capital with the Koku Anyidohos and Co

The truth still stands that the NDC hasn The truth still stands that the NDC hasn

Folks, I have said on many occasions that the factors militating against the NDC’s efforts at winning and retaining power or regaining political traction after losing Election 2016 go beyond what we hear from its main loyalists day-in-day-out.

And the noise coming from them is counter-productive to the party’s ideals and aspirations, to put it mildly. Such ugly noise irritates, raking in nothing but scorn and disdain for the party.

No need to attempt any analysis of the history behind public perception and attitude(s) toward the NDC, based on the damaging propaganda by its opponents.

The truth still stands that the NDC hasn’t fully cleansed itself of whatever “filth” it splashed on itself over the years because of the “Rawlings factor” (considering the negative propaganda stemming from the June 4 and 31st December “Revolutions” and events that portrayed the Rawlings phenomenon as an anathema to its avowed haters (now in power or sitting in doomed political camps, itching and spoiling for a fight they know they can’t win.).

Neither has the party been able to erode the negative impressions formed on the basis of the performance of the Mills/Mahama administrations, thanks to the massive campaign of lies, distortions, and plain rabble-rousing by Akufo-Addo and Dr. Borrowmia.

Thus, one expects that moves to re-position the party will be made on the basis of sound judgement and an objective analysis of governance in the post-Mahama period—a period featuring Akufo-Addo and his cabal of empty braggarts who are unexpectedly realizing too early in their four-year tenure that it takes more than mere political rhetoric to move Ghana out of the woods.

Such sound judgement and objective analysis calls for level-headedness, now what is coming from the NDC camp, especially from Koku Anyidoho, who has taken it upon himself to say just anything at all to keep his place in public discourse. And he does so as an NDC bigwig, saying just anything at all as if he is paid for doing so to the party’s detriment.

What has come from him of late goes to confirm my earlier claims that characters of his sort pose more serious threats to the NDC than expected. And such threats add to existing problems to make the party unattractive.

Just consider two of his latest vituperative nonsense as reported:

1. “The Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Koku Anyidoho has asked parents of students who have died from the meningitis outbreak to go and deposit the dead bodies at the doorstep of the Education Minister.

According to him, the dead bodies must be deposited at Matthew Opoku Prempeh’s house to indicate the dissatisfaction on parents with the implementation of the Free Senior High School (SHS) programme.

2. Akufo-Addo is sacrificing SHS students to appease his deity after winning Election 2016….

3. Deputy General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress [NDC], Koku Anyidoho says the Nana Addo-led administration is spending more than what it promised Ghanaians.

According to him, government's excessive spending on its copious appointees has raised some questions in his party as well as with the International Monetary Fund [IMF].
Folks, what political capital will the NDC gain from such outbursts? None, I daresay, clearly because they don’t make sense. You can do your own analysis of these outbursts to know what I know.

Against the background of how Koku Anyidoho and those posturing like him did things under the late Atta Mills, it remains difficult—indeed, extremely insurmountable—for the NDC to continue relying on them to win back any political capital.

Their persistent misperception of the mood of the Ghanaian—which, I strongly believe, informs the way they still say and do things—will not redound to the NDC’s good.

What made the NDC lose Election 2016 is still fresh in/on the minds of the electorate and prospective ones. Changing that impression is more than a Herculean task that such empty outbursts cannot help the NDC tackle.

Thus far, the Akufo-Addo government hasn’t acquitted itself any better but seems to be riding on the crest of whatever propaganda won the day for it at Election 2016.

And it will continue to manipulate the situation to advantage until swept off its feet by voter decision. We are not there yet; getting there means more than what the NDC has been doing all this while. Turning the NPP’s day into night can’t be done with the nonsense being spewed by the Anyidohos.

What then? Gag them or what? It is up to the NDC leaders to determine how to do things so they can help rebuild the party instead of plunging it further down the drain or the precipice to tumble over into whatever the dreams of the Rawlingses portend!!

(Intriguingly, all those who consider themselves as potentates in the NDC are busily building enclaves instead of sinking their differences to build the party first before seeking to use its resources in pursuit of their ambitions at Election 2020. Pitiable characters!!).

If they truly believe what the Dr. Kwesi Botchwey Committee revealed to them, they should do better than allowing the useless loose cannons of Koku Anyidoho’s type to fool around. How many voters were won over by Anyidoho and those misbehaving like him?

The NDC should present a better picture at this time, even as its Minority in Parliament sits up to scrutinize everything being done by the NPP government to inform Ghanaians about goings-on. Credibility is a crucial element in politics. Can the NDC go for it?

Only when decency and commonsense rule what the NDC does will it be composed enough to re-engineer itself for a better reception at the next polls. Using the Koku Anyidohos to do this kind of dirty job will sink it all the more.

The time has come for the party to grow. That is why I consider characters like this Koku Anyidoho as debilitating liabilities to be either bleached or shown the exit.

Are they even worth the tag as politicians? If they do, they should know more than they have displayed thus far. A politician should know when and how to take advantage of the situation to sell the self and political front instead of adding more scum to what is already being ridiculed. Anybody in the NDC seeing what I see? I wish!!

With the Koku Anyidohos on the loose and spewing garbage all over the place as if they are being paid to do so, more harm is being done to the party’s cause than expected. It won’t wash with voters. Partisan politics involves more than the Anyidohos have given us to see and know thus far about the NDC’s future. The plug must be pulled now!!