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Opinions of Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Columnist: Sarpong Osei Richard

The NDC are the greatest beneficiaries of the very things they oppose in Ghana

It isn't surprising anymore to me the NDC has always vehemently opposed every single good thing that the NPP sought to bring on board. To me, it is typical of them, they will never change and I don't expect them anytime soon. A characteristic NDC party like has always stood against everything or policy that will deepen and consolidate our democracy and economic development.

They did it to Former President Kuffour. The NDC opposed the following and it is an undeniable fact......

LEAP, NHIS, NIA, Youth Employment, the discovery of oil in large quantities, School Feeding Programme, Cocoa Mass Spraying, Bui Dam, Free Maternal Care, implementation of Fcube at the basic level, Affordable Housing Project and a host of them.

Like these days, they have always been the doubting Thomases against FSHS, citing of University campus at Bunsu, an appointment of Hon. Martin Amidu as SP, 1V1D, 1D1F, national digital address system, PFJ, NABCO and currently EC boss appointment. Amazingly, even to the extent that they are against the reduction and scrapping of taxes and electricity bills. Something that will impact their own selves. You look these things and you can only ask one question, which kind of creation are these?

However, fortunately, or unfortunately, they end up being the greatest beneficiaries of the very things they oppose.

1. They opposed the NHIS, but they are the very people who came to power in 2009, shortly after the NHIS has taken shape. They appointed themselves as CEOs and board, they awarded dubious contracts to themselves, freely registered their party footsoldiers on the seem and cronies as service providers. They even went ahead to import foreigners for neighboring countries and registered them on it to be used as a guarantee to take part in our electoral activities in this country. For 8yrs, they took a healthy NHIS into a pit wallowing in huge debts.

2. They opposed the setting up of NIA, yet, they have every year allocated huge sums of money to that authority for 8yrs and could not issue even the worst ID card the world should have. Ask where the monies went? Their pockets!

3. They opposed LEAP yet when they were in govt, they registered almost all their branch executives and party members in every district in Ghana, this is an undeniable fact.

4. They opposed Youth Employment yet they mastered the courage to shamefully garnish its name as GYEEDA and it became the conduit to steal state funds for their people and girlfriends when they were in office....... A former NDC MP is currently in jail as testimony for their thievery agenda. It is the same office that JM led the rearing of over 150, 000 Guinea fowls that has miraculously flown to Burkina Faso forgiver 5yrs now and are still not back. Over Ghc 15million gone to their pockets.

6. The NDC opposed the discovery of oil in commercial quantities. Those times, the shameless NDC led by John Mahama told Ghanaians, it was a joke and unrealistic. Yet the came to power and they started the drilling of 'unrealistic oil', awarded contracts and dubious deals with their families and friends. Even the very few they had recorded and budgeted for state use, they misapplied them to their benefits.

7. Now, they are opposing the appointment of Mrs Jean Mensa as EC boss with some child reasons. Somebody you call an "NPP ally" was appointed by the same party into commission that was going to review our national constitution under Former President Mills and JM was his vice? When did NDC become that benevolent? They have never been and will never be. Sometimes, I want to believe pettiness is a genetic traits in every single person known to be NDC.

Demonstrations are their democratic rights, they can even organize some in every single community in Ghana and Ghanaians don't give them a hoot. After all, they are known for a useless demonstration. It is only pity, these bunch of nation wreckers are accommodated, all in the name of democracy.

Perhaps, I have an answer to their noise, they can decide to boycott every single election the new EC boss shall conduct until she retires. This, I will take them serious for once.

The NPP boycotted the 1992 parliament when we felt the processes and election that constituted that parliament was not legal and questionable. We spared the ears of the good people of this country all those unnecessary noises at that time and they can do same today!

....The Educated Farmer.....