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Opinions of Saturday, 30 November 2013

Columnist: Adofo, Rockson

When you Sabotage Nana Akufo Addo

.... you Sabotage the Present and the Future of Ghana

Many a Ghanaian is relieved of their worries on hearing the announcement by Nana Akufo Addo, now preferably addressed by some Ghanaians in London as David, declaring his continual aspirations to lead Ghana.

Nana Akufo Addo has for some time now become the ray of hope Ghanaians are looking forward to in their quest for a liberator. He is the person with the magic wand able to set them free from the official corruption, debilitating socio-economic and financial problems scarily confronting and engulfing the nation under the directionless administration currently in place.

As the biblical young David, with good achievable intentions but initially doubted ability, was able to cause the capitulation of the dreaded Philistines by extinguishing the life out of Goliath to set the Israelites free, so shall Nana Akufo Addo set the Ghanaian captives free if given the opportunity.

This detected potential in him, the pillar on which the future wellbeing of Ghana and Ghanaians revolves, held fast by the anchor of his incorruptibility, farsightedness, dedication to duty, dynamism selflessness and resolute determination to be of service to his people and country, makes him the liberator many a Ghanaian is awaiting.

How dare Ghanaians allow a few rogues in government and in certain well placed positions in society, who are blindly and voraciously in pursuit of their individualistic, selfish and corrupt agendas, malign him just for the sake of reaching their corrupt-intended destination?

If the Israelites had succeeded in their initial quest to push David aside for being so little and presumed never-to-be a successful challenger to Goliath, they would until a very long time have been under repressive domination.

Many a Ghanaian knows the good in Nana Akufo Addo. He believes in the good of Ghana and the wellbeing of every Ghanaian. He believes in the strength of workable institutions. He believes in operational rule of law and the obligation to respect such laws. He has explained many times over to Ghanaians that a country can only prosper with a well-resourced human base. The majority of the people, if not all, must be educated in various disciplines hence, his policy of introduction of free Senior High School (SHS) education in Ghana.

He further believes in transparency, probity and accountability. It takes only an incorruptible leader to be able to enforce laws that are able to curtail, if not kill, the corruption that is currently in astronomical ramifications in Ghana like the contagious influenza disease.

I keep on asking, how can a corrupt person turn round to accuse or arrest his corrupt fellow? When the head is sane, the entire body is sound but when the head is sick, so also is the body. Therefore, we need an incorruptible person to lead the country but that is what the few so-called privileged political sycophants and thieves in the country do not want to see happen.

However, through educating the people, they will gradually extricate themselves from the cobweb of lies in daily spinning perpetration by the NDC, their agents and assigns, who seek not the welfare of the masses but the satisfaction of their insatiably selfish individualistic greed.

If the suffering Ghanaians who are in the majority allow themselves to be manipulated to sabotage Ghanaians, then please, be aware that you sabotage yourselves and your future by so doing. Is it not said,”If you cheat spider you cheat yourself” which in Ghanaian Twi parlance is “Se wo sisi ananse a wo sisi woho?”

It is for the good of the suffering masses that Nana Akufo Addo is coming but not for his own selfish benefit. As Jesus came to the world not to be worshipped but to worship in order to liberate humankind from the tentacles of Satan and his agents to set the captive free, so are the intentions of Nana Akufo Addo.

I shall come back so stay tuned to Sources radio UK FM 96.3 and Online for more info from the overflowing fountain of wisdom oozing from the mountains of Kumawu and Asiampa.

I dedicate this write-up to all the suffering Ghanaian masses and to the members of the newly formed branch of the “Nana Addo Ladies Club” in Paris, France, under the auspices of NANA YAA AFRIYIE, the NO.1 Seamstress in Paris.

Would Lady Abaawa, the Worldwide Leader of the “Nana Addo Ladies Club” please get in touch with the France branch? I salute all the Club’s members in the UK for your great vision. I also salute DAVID wherever he is.

Rockson Adofo