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Opinions of Saturday, 10 August 2013

Columnist: Asare, Noah

The Media And The Church

This Headline, as weird as it might sound is as crucial as it is mind blogging. Normally the church and the media should not have had any bone of contention between them. But recently, for unknown reasons the media has grown up to be very anti-christian and unreasonably critical of the church. If I am asked to suggest one reason for which the media loves attacking the church and painting all manner of dirty colours about it, I won't be able to point out even one. The only reason is that the media may be dominated and manipulated by the enemy to the disadvantage of the body of Christ. Our media has developed into a gargantuan church-phobia that seem to have some benefit anytime they publish a bad news about a church or anything related to it.

I was shocked recently when I read about the attack on a crew of Adomfm that went to a church at Kotobabi to allegedly interview a pastor for an alleged assault case relating to him. It was unimaginable that a whole church will go crazy together and pounce on a journalist and beat him up for no apparent reason. As usual the publication about the assault on Isaac Kwadwo Owusu and his colleagues was published by a fellow journalist, so as expected they wrote in favour of the visiting journalist. I am not trying to be judgemental but I should believe Adomfm might have set a bad precedence which annoyed the members of the church to attack their workers in such a bizarre manner. In any case, assaulting anybody under whatever circumstance is unacceptable and must be condemned. But as the old adage goes, "the same advice given to the cat against eating salted fish(momoni) should be extended to the salted fish to stop smelling".

In recent times many churches have done great works which needs lots of publication and commendation. If you will count the private universities currently growing up in Ghana which have gone a long way in supplementing our public universities to absorb the chunk of SHS graduates and other eligible university applicants, you will have pages to write in appreciation of this contribution. Majority of these same journalists who have decided to go the opposite direction of the church in every single headline they release for the public consumption, attended mission schools at one time or the other, but the church is now their stark enemy. Yes the truth must be told whether it affects the church or not but the habit of over-blowing bad news about the church is disturbing and unethical. Strangely the media will rather dine with fetish priest, a budhist or whoever than to entertain a pastor with friendly questions. To cut long story short, the Ghanaian media has copied from the Western Media by turning its back against the church. Recently there was a wonderful discovery in Mars where Nasa who planted a curiosity cameras there were shocked to see a stone of the size of an elephant in a cave with an entry just enough for a goat with writings on it that indicated the existence of God. On the large slabs of stones NASA officially announced that they found a message from God. On one stone were the ten commandments and the text of John 3:16 in 12 languages. And on the other tablet was a simple message that said "I am real".

No media house both home and abroad have interrogated this message discovered by the Curiosity Rover. The media including ours' has brushed it under carpet. What they will love to publish are those that drag the name of the church into disrepute and dampen the image of the people of God. All these are planned from the camp of the enemy to make the church unattractive to men and thereby drag many souls to hell. If you are a journalist and you think is fun to ridicule pastors and the church, think twice, because a time will come that you will answer for any false publication and any intentional damage you caused to the body of Christ. The media has sharpened its teeth and the church seem to be their number one target. Be careful what you hear about the church in the media, most are false and aimed at making the church unattractive in these end times.

Noah Asare, Stockstadt, Germany.