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Opinions of Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Columnist: Achacha, Charles

The Icon Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa ...

, Who “The Olds Call A Boy”, Is On His Safe Route To Parliament.

On the political front, many feel that, is only with grey hair that you can occupy a leadership position or take part in decision making. This misconception has been held by some old politicians who think that, life is only about grey hair. Based on this, they always become apprehensive when the youths are rising in the political sphere. At many instances, they try hard to demoralize the youths and overawe them when God smiles to them to progress in politics. Most of these “Olds” always refer to these youths as “Boys”. Nonetheless, I want to make it clear that, one of these “boys” is on his safe route to parliament.

It is important to highlight that, Ghana’s political arena is blessed with the presence of very “intelligentsia boys”, who are performing far more than some of the proud “Olds”. These “Olds”, who’s thoughts and believes about politics have been forged in fire, shaped on an anvil and cooled with water of grey hair, should be reminded that, these boys will replace them one day. On this believe, I can say without fear that, the “Boy” Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa is on his safe route to parliament.

My admiration for Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa began during his days as the president of NUGS between 2005-2006. He conducted himself with sanctity and inviolability. During his reign, he displayed charismatic leadership and loves to promote the interest of the youths in Ghana. He made his voice heard positively on issues concerning the youths. Despite the fact that, his position made him to step on many prominent toes, he stead fast believing that, once his passion to associate himself with the masses and to satisfy their needs were meant, he fear not. It is very rare to see a young politician in the whole of Africa to compare to Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa. No wonder, on October 2009, he had the chance to participate in the “American Council for Young Political Leaders seminar” in Washington DC and Chicago.

Just after his national service, Sam joined the Committee for Joint Action (CJA), sacrificing all the other juicy opportunities that were at his disposal. His friends thought then that, he had it wrong. And any lady whose boy lover takes this decision would stage a walk out from her boy lover. But because of Sam’s love to articulate the views of the poor, the vulnerable and the masses, he made this sacrifice in order to render services to Ghanaians. Things got tough for Sam, Dr. Omane Boamah and the whole CJA group. Threats were made on Sam’s life and attacks were lunged on him, but he was ready to die for the masses. And today, most of us see him as a hero and an inspirational leader. The Late J.E.A. Mills, realizing the potentials in this young man, made him the Deputy Minister of Information. This position he works with dedication and commitment to the admiration of all, including his chronic critics.

As described by the position he is occupying, he always comes out with issues concerning the government and defend the stand points of the government at the peril of his life. His work makes him exposed to be lambasted by the “Olds” who further named him a “Boy”, and labeled him as arrogant and disrespectful, and tagged him as a propagandist. I am not flabbergasted or surprised by these insinuations by the “Olds”. Because in Ghana, boldness, courage and intelligence of the youths are what some “Olds” misconstrue to mean arrogance. These delusional Messiahs, who always think that, without them nothing can work, should take the back seat whiles the “Boys” run the show. For, the “Boys” only need their advice not instructions or commands.

In any case, to those who labeled Sam as a “liar” propagating propaganda, they should know from today that, “propaganda” as use on the corridor of politics for that matter Political Science simply means, articulating the achievements, policies and plans of a given political party and setting the records straight. So those self imposed English scholars who drink hot tea in hot afternoon, who always bamboozle the good people of Ghana on the use of the word “propaganda” on the corridor of politics should seek for advice. Moreover, I will be very happy if any Professor of Political Science can speak to this publicly for us all to learn from.

As a youth advocate, I am always ready to support any competent youth who avail himself or herself for a leadership position irrespective of their political colour. And now that Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa availed himself, I will do everything possible to make him win as the MP for North Tongu constituency. Sam is known for his competence in searching and getting information and disseminating it on time. And I can proudly say that, he is abreast of almost all the issues concerning the youths and the aged of the North Tongu constituency, Volta region and Ghana in general. He will push and defend policies concerning the youths to the apex. With Sam in parliament, the youths will be fully represented and Hon. Haruna Iddrisu will no more stand alone. Looking at Sam’s passion and emotion when it comes to issues concerning parliament, you will know that, he is the right guy to change things positively to our admiration, especially those “Olds” who call him a “Boy”.

Volta region is blessed with many competent MPs, but most of them misplaced their priorities. However, considering the efforts and commitments of Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa, when given the chance, he will be one of the best MPs that North Tongu constituency in particular, and Volta region in general will ever have. His revolutionary talks and actions to contribute to the development of North Tongu and the Volta land, makes me feel that his decision to represent the North Tongu constituency on the ticket of the NDC, is timely and vital for the initiation of more actions on the development of the Volta region.

I see Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa as a role model and many of the youths feel same. NDC as a political party is lucky enough to have this energetic and intelligent young man to represent them in parliament. He is an excellent debater, excellent orator, and very confident in his presentations. If he has the chance to go to parliament, he will contribute immensely to the view articulation of the NDC caucus in parliament. The young man can easily take on the almighty Osei Kyei-Mensah-Bonsu, who I admire so much, Lawyer Joe Ghartey and many more who I always salute. With Sam Okudzeto Ablakwa in parliament, the excitement in parliament in the days of Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin will be back again.

With my commitment and principle to push for the interest of the youths in Ghana, I will unhesitatingly support any serious minded youth who is capable of holding leadership position to do so. For, this is the only way that the grievances and the interests of the youths can be pushed to the appropriate quarters for action to be taken. Based on this, I call on all the people of North Tongu constituency to give Sam Okudzeto Ablakwu the chance to represent them in parliament for development and progress. It will be a great work that you will do for the whole of Volta Region and Ghana. Amass your votes for Sam and you will never regret this. He is the man for the job at this crucial moment, so let us together makes it happen. Let us put our individual interests aside and push for our collective interests by pushing one of our own to parliament. Through Sam, the views of the youths, the poor, the vulnerable, and the masses will be articulated and pushed in parliament. Sam, we the youths of Ghana count on you. Do not let us down.

God bless North Tongu constituency, God bless Volta land and God bless Ghana. Thank you.

Supreme Liberation Movement of Anlo.
Amalgamation of Youths in Politics.